One Tuesday whilst we were doing exercise a man burst in and started kicking everybody.

 One person who felt the full brunt of the kicker was me, for the man kicked me, so hard, that I went right through the ceiling and ended up in an upstairs room.
 One of the people in that room  became so mad that he grabbed hold of me and flushed me down the toilet.
 I ended up in the sewer and got covered in a load of muck. 
 But how could I get back?

 The answer:

 Find the nearest manhole.

 I did and I climbed out of it and out into the street, Badgers Lane.

 Still covered in muck after falling into a sewer when a madman flushed me down the loo I made my way down Badgers Lane.
 People walking past me found the smell coming from my mucky body so overpowering that they dropped like flies.

“Don’t he arf pong said one person, and another said to a few people:

“keep away from that man he stink’s of poo.” 

No one wanted to go near me because I stunk so much.
 Luckily there was a river nearby, in which I could jump into and get the poo off my body after being chucked into a sewer when I got flushed down the toilet.

 I cleaned myself up in the River Rodent and headed back to Sinclair House to carry on with my exercise.

 The staff member in charge said,

“I’m sorry that this had to happen, but there was this unstable man who started kicking everybody including you and unfortunately you went right through the ceiling.”

I told the woman in charge, said the person in charge of the exercise group, that another member in this centre flushed you (Bernard Tisman) down the loo and that you ended up in the sewer.

“That man has been dealt with, it was Michael Weasel.
 Another user saw him doing it and told one of the staff.

 That man has now been banned from this centre.

The End

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