Mayberry Academy - Chapter Two

I got out of the taxi with my luggage. I noticed other people heading for one of the buildings in front of me so I followed them. The school was divided into separate buildings and I guess today was the first day of the school, officially. I started to get nervous but I continued my way towards the building. A lot of people were coming around now.

Inside I made the mistake of stopping briefly to look at the school. It was definitely bigger than my old school. Then someone bumped into me, hard, and I stumbled over my luggage.

“Hey watch it,” I looked up to see the guy who ran into me as he said this. He had dark hair and dark eyes but that’s all I noticed as I saw him take off with his baggage in hand.

I got up and grabbed my luggage again. This time I just continued moving towards the thickening crowd.

“What’s everybody doing?” I asked the girl standing closest to me.

“Everybody is getting their dorm numbers. It takes some getting used to. You’re new here right?” She asked. I nodded. “This won’t seem so odd after awhile.” She laughed. “I’m Ami by the way.”

“Oh um I’m Kailey. But sometimes my friends call me by my middle name, Cami.”

“Cool. Is it short for something. Cami I mean.”

“Cameron.” I laughed. “Kailey Cameron McAdams.”

The line was moving faster now and the crowd was loosening up some as students headed to their dorms.

“Which building are the dorms in?” I asked.

“The one on the far left. It’ll have a sign that says dorms. There are 3 floors in it though. They have us all scattered so you’ll get both guys and girls on a floor. You never get a guy rooming with a girl though or vice versa.” She laughs. “That would be fun though. Everyone has a roommate, except for the Senior prefects. They get singles.”

“Senior prefects?” I asked. “What do they do?”

“The Senior prefects basically keep the dorms in check. Make sure everyone stays in the dorms after lights-out and stuff. They sometimes get bad reputations cause of that.” She laughed and this time I did too.

We moved up the line and I saw the guy that I bumped into earlier. Well he was the one who bumped into me, not me into him. Ami caught me staring at him.

“That’s Jason Foster. He’s the headmasters son.” She laughed. “Every girl wants to be with him.” She sighed. I’m guessing she did, too. But then she smiled. “He’s such a jerk though.” I laughed. I kind of figured that one out earlier.

We reached the front of the line and when we gave our names the lady administering the papers gave us our set. We walked a ways away and then looked at them.

“I got room 213.” Ami said. “What about you?” I looked at mine.

“Room 207.” I said. “Are those rooms close.” She smiled.

“Yep!” We walked to the dorm building and went to the elevator. Other students were also waiting. Then the elevator came down and we all clambered inside. We got off at the second floor and found my room first.

“I’ll drop my things off in my room and I’ll meet you back here in 10 minutes.” Ami said.

“Okay. See you in a few then,” I said. She smiled and left. I sighed, took a deep breath and opened my door. Some one had been in here already I noticed as I went to the not used side of the room.
The room was set up with a bed and a desk on both sides of the room. Mine was the left side since my roommate took the right side. There was a door in the back of the room and I noted it as the bathroom. Next to my bed was a closet, and the other side had one too.

I dropped my luggage on my bed and started moving my stuff out of my luggage when I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom. I guess my roommate was still here. The door opened and I started to say “hi” when I noticed something about my roommate. I was expecting a girl as I should’ve, but he was definitely not a girl. Also, the person I was least expecting to even see again was standing there. Jason Foster, the guy I ran into earlier, stood there in the doorway staring at me in disbelief. We were roommates? I started running through questions in my head when he started talking.

“What the hell?” he said.

“I was just wondering the same thing,” I muttered. “I thought guys didn’t get girl roommates.”

“We don’t,” he says. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.

“Wait,” he was practically dragging me at his pace. “Where are we going?”

“The Administrative Office,” he said. He pulled me along and people stared at us. I looked back and caught Ami out in the hallways with her mouth open staring at us. I knew how she was feeling.

We went back to the main building and I prepared myself. Jason was obviously pissed. I was, well, I didn’t know how I was feeling to be truthful. Kind of excited, kind of scared. I looked at him and caught him looking at me, his eyes cold. I looked away.

Finally, we were in front of the Administrative Office. So far, my boarding school experience was turning out kind of bad. I wondered if things could get any worse, and I knew that was a bad thing to think.

The End

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