Secret visits.

Sadly, life isn't that easy.
Burning down the house didn't bring me into Tina's family, it did quite the opposite.

The police placed me in a closed facility, where I was being private schooled. I wasn't allowed outside, as I was labeled as a 'danger for society'. Not that that was any difference from living at home, since all I had now were four walls, and no parents.
Life mainly happened where it already had, in my vivid imagination.

Every Wednesday afternoon Tina came to visit. She was the only face I saw from the outside world. She was also the only person I could talk to, relate to, and who remained friendly towards me. Even the guards smiled back when she walked by in her colorful sweaters and showed them her radiant smile.

Her parents didn't know that she visited me, in fact, they forbid her to as they thought I was... how to call it... evil. I'm not. I was barely frustrated when I light that match on fire. But that's not how they, or anyone else for that matter, saw it. The media is a strong force when it comes to telling a story and making everyone believe what they want the truth to be.

Tina never believed the media though, and told her parents she went to visit Janjay, one of her friends from school, all those afternoons. And luckily her parents never checked, since they trusted Tina. They should have known better.

One Wednesday afternoon though, Tina's father had an accident, and he needed to be brought to the hospital. Her mother called Janjay and found out the truth.

After bringing her father to the hospital, she raced to the facility. Tears and anger in her eyes, mixed emotions trying to fight their way out of her mind, her body.

There was a fight. Tina shouted. Her mother shouted.
And all I could do was just sit there, on the other side of the glass. Watching it happen.

Realizing that even Tina's loving family was actually... normal. 

The End

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