Chapter 2Mature

"Dylan's gone again," my dad said, as I entered the house. "Oh my god," I sighed, "he probably went back." "Went back where?" daddy asked innocently. "It's nothing. He'll be fine. He'll come home," I lied. I honestly was in no mood to go get my brother off of some girl, again. So I decided it was his own fault if he screwed up. The sad thing is that I didn't even care if he got hurt. He was an ass, lately. When we were younger, he was like my best friend. I was closer to him than I was to my sister. Now the roles had reversed.

I stripped down, and searched for clothes to wear to bed. I slipped into my shorts and t-shirt. My phone buzzed, suddenly. It was Max.

where'd you go? don't worry about the ride back home, but like i'm freaking the fuck out

I sighed. I'm such an idiot. I should've told him before I left. But I just wanted to get home.

I replied.

i went home. there was some freakish guy who looked like he was seriously about to rape me. it's all good though because it's not his fault that i'm hot. ;)

I knew Max wouldn't leave it at that. He didn't reply. After about half an hour, I heard my bedroom window screech open. Max slid in, effortlessly. "Shit, are you okay?" he asked, without greeting me and sitting down on my bed. "Um, hi," I said, at first shocked by his sudden appearance. "Hi. Okay, now, are you okay?" he asked, frantically. "Calm down," I said, "how'd you even get up here?" "Your deck, then onto the roof, and then into your bedroom window, stupid. Okay, now... tell me what the fuck happened. Who is this guy? Should I go talk to him? Holy shit, I'm sorry I'm pissed off," he blabbered. I started laughing. He thought he should go "talk" to him. "Max, you're a wimp, first of all. Second, you need to calm down. I'm okay. He was hot," I replied with a smile. "Damn it, Zo, you should've called me. I'm freaking the fuck out," he sighed. He leaned against the headboard.

"You care about me," I smiled, running my fingers through his hair. "Obviously I care about you. I fucking left Allison in the middle of sex, damn it," he whispered. "Wow, good job big guy. That must've been hard. And what? You were texting me while you were doing your moves?" I laughed. "No. It was her turn. You get me?" he grinned. "Okay, ew. Oh my god. I'm gonna throw up," I gagged. He leaned over and hugged me. "I love you, Zo, okay?" he whispered in my ear. He kissed my cheek then and I turned my face toward him. "I know," I said quietly.

And we just looked at each other. His arms were still wrapped around me and it was getting hot. We didn't notice. I snuggled into him, and leaned against the headboard. He was playing with my hair as he usually did, and he kissed my forehead. Even though Max came off as a jerk and player, he was sweet. And I loved him. He always there for me, no matter what it was. I would call him if I was alone at home and I couldn't open the jar of pickles I really wanted. I would call him if something was wrong with the lights. And I would call him whenever I needed someone to talk to, or watch The Notebook with me. And yes, he would cry too. Usually, more than I did.

He grabbed the remote and turned the T.V. on. "Shouldn't you get back to Allison?" I asked, finally getting out of his arms. "I should be, but I'm too exhausted to have sex anyway. I mean, I got what I wanted. But she just goes on an on and on. Like she's under there for a good 20 minutes," he complained. "Maybe you might be gay?" I asked. "Yeah, maybe. I mean, I have a hot girlfriend that always wants to have sex. And I say no thanks sometimes. What's wrong with me? Maybe I should marry Dylan," he joked. "Yeah, my brother would be glad to marry you," I replied, with a smile.

"Good," he said, leaning towards me, "because maybe if I turn out to be bisexual Dylan could satisfy me in the morning, and you, baby, can be with me all night." I leaned it towards him, my breath touching his lips. He smiled, our faces inches a part. I went in closer, placing my hand on his cheek. My fingers grazed his cheekbones, and I grinned. It was quiet. "You're disgusting," I finally said, breaking the silence. He laughed a laughed a high-pitched laugh, with his mouth wide open, and his head tilted back. His eyes squeezed shut, and he sometimes let out a snort and clapped while he was at it. He looked extremely adorable while doing this, but I never complimented him on it.

"I thought you were going to kiss me," he finally said. "Oh really? That's what you thought?" I questioned. "Yeah," he said, reaching for my ribs. He started to tickle me, and I fell back on the bed, him on top. "Do you want me to kiss you?" I whispered. He looked at me, and his face showed that he was in deep thought. I didn't even think once about what I just said. "Yeah, Zo, I do," he whispered.

And maybe we were just drunk. But I leaned upward and he leaned downward. We met in the middle. His soft lips touched mine, and our mouthes suddenly started intertwined and move together in synch. My hands suddenly reached his waist. They were holding onto his lean frame as he deepened the kiss. My feet curled inward, and the bed sheets came into my grasp. And his fingers suddenly gripped onto my hair, and everything seemed to blurry and surreal. This dream, this fantasy, this unreal situation was broken when the door flung open and I pushed Max to the side.

"Hi, shit... Oh my god. I'm so sorry," my sister squealed as she shut the door. I hadn't seen this girl in 3 years and this is what she saw. I turned to Max. His hair was a mess, his face was smeared with the light lip gloss I was wearing. And I could see the faint smile on his face, but he was trying to keep it down. Because he knew we both just screwed up... big time. This would not be forgotten.





The End

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