maybe i'll be what you want  for a change

maybe i'll coax my brain into remembering every insignificant thing your mouth spouts

to my ears like a broken record skip skip skip skipping

over and over and over and over again.

maybe today will be the day i finally become the perfect child you fight for me to be;

maybe i'll give up my soul to you,

and maybe,

just MAYBE,

i will finally make you happy.

or maybe,

i will get lost in music,

the way it washes over me and gets into the cuts 

that the day has stung me with,

and heals me from the inside out.

or maybe,

i will write ten poems to tell you how hard it is for me to talk to you (but never show you them of course)

and that is why i run into my room and not emerge until the dinner i dont really want to eat is served.

maybe i will be the child you always wanted,

give up my individuality and hopes and dreams,

and be the mindless robot you so desire to control and manipulate.

maybe, or maybe not.

The End

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