And so, this is where it starts.Mature

Yeah, I'm really not sure yet. But you'll see. Oh yes, you shall see.

Chapter 1. 

I pulled my eyes away from the ceiling to look at the bright green LED numbers on my alarm clock across the room. 2:17am. Not surprising that I was still awake. I sighed, pulled myself up to a seated position, and leaned against my wall, pulling my knees up and wrapping my arms around the faded black skinny jeans. I looked around my room, the light from a streetlamp reflecting onto my guitar from my window. I blinked. Saw the shadow of a leaf falling outside on my wall. Looked back at the clock. 2:24am. So much for time passing quickly. I ran my fingers through my hair, and sighed again. I glanced at my phone, and my finger brushed a button. The screen lit up, blinding me momentarily. I waited until my eyes had adjusted, and then checked for new messages. Nothing. I put the phone down and slid off of my bed onto the floor. I picked up my headphones and put them on. Some song was already playing, the screaming of the vocalist familiar, but I couldn't name the song off the top of my head. I looked at the screen. Smoke &Mirrors. By- I squinted at the tiny lettering - The Color Morale. I took the headphones out and slowly pulled myself up to my feet, setting my iPod with it's cracked screen down on my bed. Wrapping my arms around myself, I walked over to the mirror. I blinked at my reflection; the short and messy black hair, falling into my eyes, misty green. My black eyeliner was smudged a little, and my dark red lipstick was almost gone, probably from me biting my lip. My silver necklace rested between my collarbones, with the pendant a hair's breadth from the neckline of my black v-neck tshirt. My studded belt glinted dully in the dim light coming from the window. The familiar stranger in the mirror grimaced at me, her hollow eyes telling a story I had no wish to think about. Not now, not ever. I went back to lie down on my bed, preparing for a couple more hours of staring at a wall. As my head sank back into the pillow, a random thought came to me; ceiling staring. It should really be the newest Olympic sport. I'd get Gold. I just know it. 

As I closed my eyes, a single tear fell down my cheek. But no more came. It's the type of pain where you become too numb to cry. 

The End

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