What happens next?

A cold wind chilled my body as clouds darkened the earth. I held my head in my hand, failing miserably to keep tears back. A bagpipe started. I looked up, seeing a hundred seats and a isle in between. Soldiers walked down the aisle, muskets in their hands. They moved in front of the seats and lined up in front of my brothers coffin. The bagpipe suddenly stopped. An officer walked in front of the soldiers, spun around to face the seats and yelled "E SHO DIEZ!" The soldiers pointed their guns towards the sky. The officer yelled "HEE!" The muskets fired. My brother whispered "help..."

I woke up sweating, my stomach clenched. I sat up in the jungle, wiping away my tears. I sat there for minutes, trying to control my breathing. Soon, hushed voices pierced the veil of the jungle. I looked around with blurry eyes and saw movement. My fists clenched and I stood up, sprinting through the jungle. Branches started breaking behind me and a hushed sound of rushing water ahead. The bushes cleared and it looked like there were trees ahead. I kept running and suddenly the ground gave way. I slipped and fell of a cliff and into a waterfall.



The End

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