They kidnapped me

You were having a canoe ride when a bunch of Indians ambushed you. Everyone was able to bribe them into leaving them alone. Everyone except you. You happened to have left your money in the cheap motel where you were staying. So the only things you had to bribe them with were a packet of mints, a can of bug spray, and a coupon for an all you-can-eat buffet. Annoyed, they kidnapped you and took you to their chief, who decided that they should keep you alive for ransom. So they tied you to a pole in one of the huts. There was a stray dog that was always looking for scraps in the village and no matter how many times the villagers shooed it away, it always came back. One day, the villagers gave you some meat stew for lunch. So you turned yourself around and dipped your bound hands into the stew. Then you ate the rest. After a while the dog came and ate through your ropes. You got up and began to run. But one of the villagers saw you escaping and told everyone else. And so they began to chase you. 

The End

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