I stole something from them

“Okay,” you sigh, “Maybe I might have stolen something from them…”

Then an idea pops into your head, and a way that this woman could be useful in helping you out.

Glancing behind you nervously in all directions, you pull out the tattered piece of paper that had belonged to the crazy tribesmen…that it, until you snatched it from their chief’s hands.

“I thought this might be a map to the temple...” you garble. The woman sees your distress, whilst her eyes light up at the sight of the ‘map’.

“Come on, hold on tight to this creeper-branch. I know a place where the Tribes won’t find us…”

Suddenly, the flame-haired lady is swinging, taking you along with her. You don’t even remember putting your arms around her waist, but the world is zooming past so fast that you wouldn’t dare think of letting go.

“I’m Xanthea, by the way,” you hear her yell over the rush of the wind.

After what seems like quite a while, even though everything is quick, in a rather paradoxical sense, your feet touch solid ground again. You fight down the urge to collapse or vomit, or both, and Xanthea leads you into her dimly-lit cave. You don’t really get to see the exterior surroundings, but you swear that you have just glimpsed a jeep parked nearby.

Xanthea sits down on a convenient log, which seems to have been carved into a bench of some sorts. She looks up at your amazed face.

 “What do you want to eat?”

She taps two carved wooden bowls. One is filled with a grey, meaty porridge-like substance; the other seems to have the head of a large rat cooling in it. Okay…

The End

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