Is That Porridge?

"Is that porridge?" You asks nervously.

"Yup! Freshly made! The second bowl was for my partner, but I haven't seen him in days."

"Oh, um, I guess I'll take the porridge."

"Great!" She hands you the bowl without the rat head and digs into her bowl with a relish that nauseates you. After she tosses away the bones and you manage to pick your way through your food, she stands up.

"Right. I think that we should set off for the treasure now."

"Already?" Despite the strange food and dim surrounding, you were just starting to feel cozy.

"Why, of course. Now come on! We are burning daylight."

Sighing, you stand up and follow her out of the cave.

Xanthea turns to you. "Hand me that map, will you?"

Uh oh. "Er, I think that I should hold it."

She shrugs. "Very well, led the way."

"I thought you knew the way."

"My partner had the map."

You mull this over for a second. "Maybe he stole it so he could find it on his own."

Xanthea lets out a loud gasp. "Maybe you are right! Of course, that would be an act of folly on his part. If you go through the temple alone you're almost certain to die."

"Oh, " you say, swallowing nervously.

"Well, we have wasted enough time. Onwards!"

You walk ahead of her with a sinking feeling in your stomach. Maybe by some stroke of luck  you'll find the temple. But that phrase keeps repeating itself in your head.

Certain to die, certain to die...

The End

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