Follow her

Miles and miles of forest shroud your way. You follow the lady and you mind wanders aimlessly. You start to wonder whether she has any valuables on her…after all, she is some sort of quest hunter, or something. You don’t have a weapon on you but killing her would be easy: just a blow to the head…

She stops moving in from of you, hacking at a horribly spiky plant blocking your path. She doesn’t swing her hand very much, and is almost making the barest of movements. Now would be the time…

You raise your large hand, tempted…

Suddenly, she whirs round, pointing the business end of the machete at the centre of your chest.

Don’t try anything. I could abandon you in the middle of this forest this instant, and then where would you go? You know no-one in this place, and I know everyone and everything. That’s what makes me such a good explorer.”

“Right,” you mutter, “Can I do something? I’m actually rather bored. And boredom makes me…murderous.”

The woman sighs.

“If you want, you can go ahead and be my scout. That was my partner’s job. I used to do all the calculating and map-reading, and leaf-chopping, whilst he had the eyes. Watch out for the Inji bugs though.”

“Inji bugs…?” you mutter, creeping forward. The foliage is hard to push through- especially since the lady has the only modern tool for miles around- and the thought of bugs is making you jumpy and disgusted.

The adventurer is very keen on you being in front of her, and you reckon that it is not because of the reason that she has said. She doesn’t trust you, and now you’re starting not to trust her mad decision to find an impossible temple in the heat of a Central American rainforest. The only thing that keeps you moving is the thought that, travelling in this direction, you are being kept away from the police. You doubt that they’d get anywhere near a lady with a sword.

After a while of walking you desire to sit down and rest your weary, dirty, aching feet, but now you notice a glimmer of gold at the top corner of your vision; the sun beams off the gold square and almost blinds you. You stumble onwards and turn, excitedly, back to the red-haired lady.

On seeing what you have seen, her eyes widen.

The End

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