It felt like I was being pressed in on every inch of my body while being flung through a thick liquid. Noise deafened me and my eyes snapped open. My shoulder hit a rock and I spun through water. Panic hit hard and I scrambled to the surface, screaming. My head broke the surface and I gasped for air. My lungs ached and my throat burned. I looked in front and saw rapids going downstream. A massive rock loomed ahead, a whirlpool created behind it. Wide eyed, I swam to my left. My body was now being pulled backwords. I kept swimming, until it stopped. Suddenly, the rapids ended. My eyes were foggy and I didn't see the waterfall. I fell, exausted. My feet hit the water and I plunged in. Panic filled every part of my body and I tried to swim. My body refused to respond. I relaxed, thinking that this was the end. My family can still be proud and soon, I'll see my brother. My vision darkened. I slept, I don't know for how long. When I woke, I saw a dark sky and a fire next to me. An old woman tended to it, looking at me with grey eyes. 

I coughed and struggled to say "If you saved me, I have a gun, it's yours."

She mumbled "I did save you, but I have a proposal for you."

I smiled and said "tha-"

"I don't care that I saved your life. All that I ask is that you shut up. Here is my offer. There is a certain temple, about two days away. You will accompany me there and in return, I'll pay you a fair wage. You can also keep your pistol, that's what I have you for."

I nodded and replied "okay, I'll do it."

The End

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