Mayan Temple

You go looking for gold with a woman who mistakes you for an adventurer.

You are running from a mob of angry people. You push your way through vines leaves, the branches scratching you and catching on your clothes.  You get to a cliff with a steep drop into a river. You start to pray. Suddenly a woman swoops in on a vine and swings you to safety. "So," says the woman, "Are we going for the gold or what?" "What?" you say. "Okay,'what' wasn't really an option." The woman scratches her hair.  She has bright red hair and and green eyes. She looks about twenty five and is dressed in some sort of Indiana Jones getup, hat included.  This is so surreal, you think. "So, like I said before..." "I know what you said!" You snap,"What gold!" The woman looked confused. "The gold in the Mayan temple near here. Aren't you going there?" "Of course not! I'm out of here!" "Oh yeah?" The woman retorts. "Where exactly will you go? To those people that were chasing you? Why were they chasing you anyway?" You sigh. Look's like it's time to spill...

The End

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