The Note

Des unfolds the note carefully and attempts to straighten out the creases by sandwiching the note between his thigh and the palm of his hand. He looks down at the note blankly, not taking in the words that are written. He looks up at Maya and asks:

"What good is it going to do me anyway? Reading this note and all."

Maya hesitates before she speaks careful not to say the wrong thing.

"It's your father" she said simply. "Your blood".

"Your more blood than he is" Des says with more spite than he would have liked. 

"I have never even met the man".

"Do you want me to read it first to check that it is ok?" Maya tentatively offers.

Des passes her the note without saying anything. 

Maya looks at the words as if trying to make sense of them. She places her hand on her forehead and begins to read. She read intently and with purpose. Des watches her carefully looking for any clue he might gather but Maya gives nothing away. 

The End

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