Max's CrimsonMature

Does anyone read the signs I produce,
not for me...
yet not for you?
Then Who Will...

I didn’t know there was an Eraser there.

I didn’t know Max was right in the line of fire.

I didn’t see the claws strike her right in the back.

I didn’t know she fell until her blood was on my hand.

I couldn’t warn her.

Her wing had been injured.

Funny…the same claw of the Eraser that just struck her injured her,

Guess it wasn’t satisfied.

And I know it’s laughing at me.

Because I loved her.

And they’re watching me.

Taunting me, dammit.

You couldn’t save her. You know it. You thought you could.

…who were you fooling?

I don’t mean to sound bitter.

But how would you sound…

…when her blood’s all over your hands?

I may be blind.

But I’m not stupid.

The End

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