Fate SpeaksMature

One day they will learn,” said the Spirit, hovering near Gabriel.

Gabriel sat in silence and wept; tears streaming down his face. Using his left hand to wipe the sweat over the top of his slick bald head, he looks through the veil and with a grimace; pushes out a heavy sigh. His gaze shifting to the Spirit before him; he slowly exhales the words “Why can’t they see that the greatest thing we can do is love? I’m so sick and tired of it all, nothing but “commerce” down below, the enemy’s lair is there, and it makes my skin crawl.”

You’re the first, the messenger; and you’ll keep your watch until every word has been written, every line read, every person cries for justice, and every person drops dead. When every loss has been suffered, every war has been fought, every one laid to rest, and every lesson is taught; then and only then will you be free and set upon the earth again. Until that time brother, I am here to help you face your sentence without despair.”

 Michael! When will it end?” he spat out between heavy sighs.

 He has not said. But take heart Gabriel!”  With a wave of his hand, images appear in mid-air next to Gabriel.

Remember brother, out of all of us, it was you who was selected to tell Mary she would bear God’s Son.” An image of a woman, reading a book; a woman startled at Gabriel’s appearance – looking to him with one hand raised while he slowly started – “Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord be with you…

Michael continued… “It was you assigned to tell Zacharias that his wife Elizabeth would bear a son. It was you who brought the command of God to call the son by the name of John.”  The images changed showing a river, with a man standing in it, the man was baptizing another man and the dove of the Lord’s Holy Spirit was there. “It was you who taught him a lesson by striking him dumb when he didn’t listen.”

“Remember how we worked together so you could appear to Daniel?”  Michael asked. Another image appeared of Gabriel breaking through a barrier and helping Daniel with his vision.

Cease brother!” Gabriel said, and with a quick wave of his arm; the images suddenly vanished…

Speaking of Daniel and the things that have been, doesn’t help me much right now Michael. The days of Kings has ended. Leaders have abandoned the Way of our Lord, and we who must deal with these things must now deal with lost souls like Max Shepard? These sad tortured souls with little chance of redemption. It’s so sad. Soon now armies of uncompassionate idiots; beguiled by that old black cat, trained to ignore God; will once again take up steel and fire to wash the earth with blood and tears!” Gabriel rips at himself just as Max Shepard rips himself.

Michael laid a hand tenderly on Gabriel’s shoulder. “We still have Maisy to consider. There are still good hearted souls to give us hope that children will be trained again in history, law, love and compassion and Godly ways. She has real integrity Gabriel, even when no one is looking and she’ll have it till the day she dies!

 Thank you Michael. All around there are hounds of that black soul. I hear them constantly and I know they have something to do with these two – Max and Maisy, Max and Maisy, Max and Maisy!! It’s driving me crazy and I came here to listen to God. I now I know what I must do.

Michael watched as Gabriel leaped high into the sky. High above Gabriel stopped and suddenly dove to the realm below… the realm of Max Shepard..

The End

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