Gabriel WatchesMature

Gabriel shifted in his uncomfortable position reminding himself that the earth plane was the only reason he was feeling like this, picking up on the mish-mash of human emotion that seemed to seep into all of these hospitals.

He watched from the far corner of the room as the two women entered and smiled at one, Maisy Shepard. Both women were what humans would call dowdy and plain but to Gabriels eyes they were nothing short of a miracle.

He spun in mid air, clinging onto the layers of energy he had laid until he was comfortable and looking down at the scene below.

Maisy clasped her friend closely, he newly styled hair curling around her shoulders as she edged toward the postrate figure lying on the bed. Gabriel watched the woman take in the one card from his work colleagues resting on the oak bedside table, the bunch of grapes left there by his ex-hooker Doreen. He watched her shake her head mournfully at the lack of any personal touch from anybody in the room.

Gabriel smiled sadly to himself admiring the depth of caring this woman held for the worm of a man.

"We have to be quick Maisy" Lily whispers self-conciously "You know what happens at three and I don't want you here for that, you've been through too much!"

"Mai-Maisy?" A voice croaked and both women jumped self conciously. "Maisy that you?"

Maisy paled almost instantly and Gabriel almost wanted to embrace the poor woman and lead her from the room. What in Yahweh's name was she even doing here?

Maisy walked forward, sitting herself in the chair closest to the snowy white bed and leaning toward the almost tiny balding figure swaddled in sheets.

"Maisy! I knew you'd come girl! I knew you'd come!"

Maisy swallows, the dryness of her throat giving an almost audible click in the quiet private room.

"You're the only one who can help me now." The mans voice was hoarse and ragged, each syllable inflected with a whimper of pain.

Maisy shook her head and did the bravest thing she had done in twenty- five years. She awnsered back.

"There's nothing I can do for you"

Gabriel smiled and pumped a fist in the air, the universal sign for triumph. Maisy had come a long way indeed.

The sobbing started almost immediatly, ragged male sobs, ones of despair and pain clouding the air.

"But it's your fault! Its all your fault!"

The man shrieked and suddenly lunged forward, trying his hardest to strike the woman leaning over him. Lily ran forward and pulled Maisy back, just in time to see a scarred pudgy fist whizz through the air inches from where Maisy's head was seconds before.

Gabriel stared agog as Lily rushed forward and pushed her face into the face of the small bald man.

"You vile, evil little man!" She rapsed savagely "The only reason you are the way you are is because of yourself! Whatever broke inside that disgusting little mind of yours was probably because of guilt! Your punishing yourself, Maisy has nothing to do with it!"

"No!" The moan was probably what caused Lily to pull back, Gabriel mused.

"No!" The man moaned again "You don't....You don't understand! It's her fault this is happening to me! It's her!"

Lily snorted and pulled away sneering with contempt at the small man and turning to her friend she hugs her close and whispers.

"Say what you've got to say Maisy, it's almost three."

Lily steps forward visibly trembling and looks down at the small huddled figure.

"I'm divorcing you. I need you to sign some papers, they'll be here tommorrow"

"Wha-?" The little man squeaks in shock "What do you mean divorce? You can't leave me! You fucking bitch! After what you've done to me? You can't leave! I need you to undo this!"

Lily seemed to steel herself and Gabriel watched impassivly as she  seemed to fill with strength.

"For twenty-five years you've had every opportunity to treat me like a human being and you didn't! I've let you beat me, abuse me and treat me like shit for too long! It's my turn for a happy life and it needs to be away from you."

Gabriel smiles brightly and leans over the energy, straining to be closer to the beautiful, brave woman.

"No!" The man was moaning, trussing aside the white sheets and exposing his naked body to the elements.

Both woman shrieked. The once fat and slightly yellow body was emaciated, lengths, almost meters of scars ran down the length of his stomach and chest. Ribbons of fresh bandage clinging to red and yellow mottled scabs. Fresh cuts lay open to the elements, trenches of muscles and flesh ripped away exposing the off-white of ribs beneath.

"Come on Maisy, it's 3pm" Lily began to tug on Maisy's hand "Come on, you don't want to see!"

Maisy let herself be pulled toward the door, still gazing with shock at the man painfully lowering himself to the floor, his seeping, pitted, flaccid stomach and scarred penis waggling with the effort to get to his feet.

"Sign the papers" Maisy called.

The door closes behind the two woman just in time. Gabriel sits and watches as the man begins to scream, horrid and loud.

"Pray for me! Maisy! Pray for me!"

Before dragging nails across old scars, opening them up with blunted nails, screaming to ceiling "Pray for Me!"

Gabriel had turned away from the man before he could watch the man begin helplessly tearing at his own penis with one hand, shredding his chest with the other.

Tearing a hole in the plane Gabriel makes ready his escape but before leaving turns toward the self flagallating man and whispers

"Twenty-three more years to go Max!"

The End

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