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Hiya Lily!” Maisy waved nervously. She stood up as Lily came through the door and onto the ward floor.

 Lilly smiled. “Maisy, it’s so good ta see you girl! You feeling okay about what we’re going to do today?

 Yep, I think I’ve finally have enough love for myself to do this”, she said grasping at an errant lock of hair, softly placing it neatly back behind her left ear.  

 That’s so good to hear!” Lily said, giving Maisy a long hug. “I’ll be right beside you the whole time dear.” Lilly whispered into Maisy’s ear.  

 Standing back and holding Maisy’s shoulders, Lilly looked deeply into Maisy’s eyes and paused for a moment as if looking for something. “Yep, I think you’re definitely ready for this Maisy, and you know it has to be done, and it’s what you need to do right?

 This is what I need; well what we both need really Lily.”

 Is Bryan at home Maisy?

 Yea, he wanted to come and be with me Lilly, but I told him no. This was something I need to do on my own. Bryan has been so caring and tender these last couple of months Lilly”, Maisy said, giggling a little, “I feel so different Lily. Why, the way he treats me is embarrassing sometimes!

 Ha, but you love it!  Come on Maisy, just admit it; and you know you of all people sure deserve it! 

 Maisy blushed a little and looked toward the floor, “I do love him so Lilly”, she said softly; “So very much and I really can’t begin to thank you….

Now we’ve been over this Maisy. This is something you did, for yourself and you deserve it! I had nothing to do with it except the introductions,” Lilly smiled broadly and patted Maisy on the back.  

 I know it’s going to be hard, but the sooner we get on with it the better I guess,” Maisy said, shrugging her shoulders. She gave Lily a little pat on the arm and then turned and headed down the hallway.

 Lilly followed. She was a little nervous for Maisy, wondering to herself if the two years and a half of treatment sessions and the endless hours of fear recovery were enough. She prayed that Maisy had the strength she needed now, when it really mattered, to know what to say and to say it on her own and from her own heart as her own person. Lilly said a little prayer and thanked God she could be here to help.

 Maisy motioned to the nurse sitting behind the nurses’ station, and then pointed at one of the rooms – “This one right?” she said, almost silently mouthing the words and pointing toward room 222. The nurse nodded in agreement. Maisy looked briefly at Lilly, nodded to herself and then slowly pushed the door open and entered, Lilly following closely behind. .

The End

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