The Actual Act 1 Scene 4Mature

Sorry for RoseBrennan's incompetence.  She never was good at math ^_^

Max was nearly late to practice after his history tutor wouldn’t get off a tangent about George Washington’s false teeth.  By the time he got there, the whole team was in the locker room, along with his coach.  They stared at Max for a good thirty seconds, and it took Coach announcing the big news for the awkward silence to lift.

“Max, you’ve been doing well this season.  You’ve really improved since the last.”

“Not much to judge me off of sophomore year; I only played 4 games, remember?”

Max’s acid tone didn’t strike him a few points with Coach, “Well, you’ve come along way.  I’ve finally decided to start you next game.”

His teammates applauded him, all except for Aaron, who sat there like a child on the verge of a tantrum.  Coach didn’t make eye contact with him, and pretended like he wasn’t there.  “Alright, guys, go through your warm-ups.  We’ve got a big game in a couple days, and I want everyone to be ready.  Bishop and Keating, be prepared for more playing time.  That means more conditioning for you two.”

“Great, Coach,” Max answered again with sarcasm.

“Yes, Coach,” Bennett made his coach out to be a sergeant leading a brigade.

Leaving the locker room to the gym, Damian and Marcus approached Max and Bennett.

“Well, well, well.  If it isn’t our new star point guard.” Marcus remarked.

“Congrats on the starting spot, Max.  And thank God, I thought we’d be stuck with Aaron all season.” Aaron turned to Damian from a few feet away, looking like he wanted to send a good punch his way.

Damian ignored him completely, “Anyways, we were going to throw a party at my place to celebrate, if you wanted to come.”

Max smiled, “Yeah, I’m down,”

“Great, this Friday night at my place.  8pm, don’t be late.” Damian laughed.

“Uh, I won’t?” Max had no clue how to respond.

Bennett came over to Max, “Wow, this is a really big deal isn’t it.”

“Yeah, and I like it.”

The End

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