Act 1 Scene 3Mature

Dan was occupying the vacant classroom of Monsieur Pamplemousse, who was currently out to lunch. In front of him, Sage, a vast picnic of sandwiches and Coca Cola, along with countless bags of Doritos and Cheetos. All of the musing made him hungry.

    Sage  tumbled into the room, late as usual.

    “Where have you been, Sage?” Dan asked.

    “Ladies room.” she coughed.

    “Well Dan, what have we got here?” Willow asked.

    “Just your standard regular lunch, I guess.” He proceeded to open a bag of Cheetos and pour the entire bag into his mouth. He tossed one of the very large sandwiches to Sage, and then Willow.

    “My savior!” Sage cried.

    “You’re too kind.” Dan giggled and opened his second bag of chips.

    “You’ve underestimated us again, Dan. You think this is enough for us? Sage could eat all of this even if she wasn’t high as a kite.” Willow scolded.

    Dan wasn’t listening. “Dude I think there’s a french fry in my chips.”

    All was instantly forgiven and Sage screeched, “Dude, no way!” The two girls scooted closer to Dan to remove what Dan perceived to be a french fry, but was, in actuality, a very long, tube shaped Dorito. Suddenly, the trio heard footsteps approaching.

    “Shit!” Willow exclaimed. She peered out the door’s window. “Oh, don’t worry, it’s just Max Bishop..and someone else on the basketball team?”

    “Damian?” Sage asked. She was quite infatuated with the star of the basketball team.

    “Nah. Some other bozo.”

    Sage laid down on the floor, utterly disinterested now.

    The door opened and Max and his best friend, Bennett Keating, walked into the room. They seemed to pay no heed to the landmines of sandwiches and chips on the floor.

    “What a great and horrible day this has been!” Max remarked.

    “Why do you say that? Dude, you sunk a game-winning three-pointer last night, while my highlight was passing the ball to Damian so he could get those shots in. What could possibly be bad about today? Did nobody wipe your nose when you sneezed in Geometry?”

    “JESUS CHRIST!” Max screamed, upon realizing the other three occupants of the room. “The hell are you stoners doing here?”

    “Ah, Max Bishop, point guard of the varsity team!” Dan giggled.

    “Ah, Max Bishop, soon to be starting five of the varsity team.” Sage added.

    “Ah, Max Bishop, who will be the star of the team hereafter!” Willow concluded.

    “What’s going on?” Max whimpered. “I only wanted to see my history tutor!”

    “I think they’re here because this is the French room, and therefore not where we said we would meet our tutor.” Bennett laughed. “Besides, why are you afraid? They seem to be saying good things. And even if they’re not true, they’re just harmless potheads, not vicious crackheads.”

    “Bennett!” Dan sharply said.

    “Bennett!” Sage followed.

    “Bennett!” Willow finished.

    “I retract my previous statement! You are all powerful and wonderful and I love you!” Bennett fell to his knees and begged.

    “How the mighty have fallen.” Max quipped.

    “Not as good as Max, but greater.” Dan mused.

    Sage giggled. “Not happy, yet much happier!”

    “You will get stars, and yet you will not be one. But all hail, Max and Bennett!”

    “Ha, peace!” Dan flashed a peace sign, and scurried out of the room, Sage and Willow not far behind.

    “Where the hell are you going?” Max asked.

    “Chill man. They’re just gonna go on their merry little way, spreading joy, happiness, and sandwiches everywhere they go.”

    “Didn’t you find it a bit weird? What they were saying?”

    “Hey, I heard ‘starting five’ for you...but not for me.”

    “But then they said you’ll get stars...maybe your brothers? You are the oldest of seven guys.”

    “But you...the star of the team...that’s really saying something.” Bennett pointed out. “Just last year, you were a lowly sophomore point guard on JV, who many games?”

    “Four. Out of thirty.”

    There was a knock at the door and Seth and Ishmael, fellow members of the basketball team, walked in.

    “Heya, Max! That was one helluva game last night!” Ishmael laughed.

    “Thanks, Ish. But I think everyone here saw it. You know...all of us are on the team.”

    “Ah, shaddap, freshman.” he growled.

    “Ish. We’ve been over this. Several times now. I’m a junior now.”

    “’re not in the ‘junior’ leagues anymore!” Seth put his arm around Max and shook him. “Damian just got off the phone with Coach. You’re starting five now, after that game last night. Congratulations!”

    “What?” Bennett exclaimed.

    “Wait a second! Time out!” Max held his hands up. “We already have a starting five. Damian, Seth, Ishmael, Marcus, and Aaron.” He counted on his fingers. “So who’s getting the boot?”

    “IS IT DAMIAN?” Bennett exclaimed, glee and hope dancing in his eyes.

    “No, and you better pray I don’t tell him or Marcus you said that.” Seth said sternly. “Aaron hasn’t been cutting it lately. He’s still on varsity, but not starting five anymore.”

    Ishmael clapped Max on the back. “Who knows, you might usurp Damian’s throne one day!”

    “Right!” Seth chortled. “And you’re gonna pass Spanish.”

    “Aw, suck it Seth!”

    Max looked at Bennett with an Oh my GOD glance. What was going on here?

    Bennett shrugged, as if to say, What are you gonna do?

    “Come on guys. I have a history tutor to get to.”

The End

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