A maverick ex-college student who wanders the United States is suddenly transported to an alternate universe to help stop a supernatural crime spree. Besides the fact that he perceives everything differently than others, he is quite normal. Except he holds one key item that the other universe lost long ago.

    I woke up fully refreshed from my nap. The lights on the train car hummed quietly. The noise soothed me in the strangest, but I couldn't help it. Trains have always had that effect on me. They are like pets to me. I treat them as I would treat a stray cat. With kindness and respect. Heck, it almost feels like the train is breathing. Sometimes, it seems like it's too exhausted to carry on. I digress.
    Now, before you think that I am crazy and what not, trust me. You haven't heard anything yet.
    I adjusted myself in the seat, so all the cramps I had gotten from my nap would dissipate. I rubbed my eyes to completely awaken myself. I shook my head around to clear the noggin. Did some stretching. Normal wake up procedures. I pulled out my dream journal and a pen to write out ideas potential stories from the dreams I had. None really made it past the idea stage, but hey. It's always good to have them.
    I stashed the journal in my bag and glanced outside. It was dark, and most roads looked deserted. Even the city lights in the distance seemed faint. Judging from the experience I had from this town and the barren roads, I guessed it was around 11:45 P.M. My watch read 11:50 P.M. I put on a smug look and thought to myself, 'Close enough.' I noticed the date on my watch. Tomorrow, or should I say 10 minutes from now, was my one year anniversary of becoming a maverick: 3/7/13.
    Now, I'm not talking about the basketball team in Dallas. I'm talking about the freethinker maverick. You probably wouldn't have guessed this, but I'm from one of the richest families on Earth. I'd been wealthy all my life. I had anything I ever desired. So, why was I sitting on a train calling myself a "free thinker"? To be simple, my professors at college didn't approve of my thinking habits. And of course, if I can't get along with them, they fail me. That is exactly what happened. So, I decided to travel on my own and wander the States without any support. The only things I had on me were a notebook, my dream journal, some writing utensils, and a Bible. I didn't really read it much, but it gave me comfort. Although I was on my own, my parents always managed to find me every month, and they would try to give me money. They would sent servants to... ah, persuade me to keep the money. I only used it as last resort, however.
    Anyways, I was proud of myself for lasting a year on my own. It's different living completely independent in an interdependent society. Of course, a lot of the time was spend in sadness and depression, but there's no need for that now. Things were about to change.
    The conductor spoke over the PA system and warned the remaining people that the last stop was approaching. I picked up my bag and slung it around my shoulder. I stood up, but immediately, I had to sit back down. I hated that. Standing up too fast, which in turn made you feel lightheaded and your vision went funny. I shut my eyes and rested my head on the back of the seat.
Suddenly, a bright red light shone from inside of the train car I was in. It momentarily blinded me, even though my eyes were shut. AS my eyes regained their composure, I saw a man standing a few feet away from me. I practically jumped out of my skin. The only thing I could focused on was that the man's eyes were solid white. Scared out of my mind, I barely got out the words,
    "Who are you?"
    "There is no time for instructions. It will all be revealed in time." The man's voice was calming and friendly, yet strange and ominous. It somehow managed to calm my nerves enough for me to spout random questions.
    "But how did you get here? What do you mean 'no time'? What's goi-"
    "I told you there is no time. You must get off this train immediately and find your own way around the city. I will contact you shortly. Do not trust anyone." And before I could speak another word, the man hurried off the train.

I was scared out of my mind, but something compelled me to follow the man. I hated following others. I especially didn't like taking orders. I liked to be on my own. However, there was this certain aspect of the man that made me want to believe every word. It was quite frustrating.

After a few minutes of pondering my decision, I mustered up all the courage I had and stood up. I walked towards the exit as the train came to a halt. So many things wandered through my mind, but I knew one thing for sure: I had to get off the train. So, I departed as soon as the door opened.

The End

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