Matilda Blackgerry

Five things you should know about Matilda Blackgerry:

1. She was stange

2. She doesn't like ice cream

3. She hates Kitty

4.She has an older brother and younger sister

5. Her parents are dead

I'll explain why you must know them:

Fact one because if you didn't know that, you'd wonder why she got bullied at school

Fact two bease everyone at St. Bede's loved ice cream. Even the teachers. So the teachers hated her aswell (harsh)

Fact three - You don't know who Kitty is yet, soooo, wait a sec.

Fact four because this fact relates to fact five

Fact five - Well they got killed by a man carring 421 tins of Mushroom soup. Everyone calls her Mushroom Mad Matilda. So now her older brother Frankie is looking after her and her little sister Jilly.

Now to introduce Kitty. Kitty was the centre of attension  all the time and a very big show off. Her motto was " If you don't shop until you drop, around and about, then the boys won't ask you out."

Kitty was best friends with Becca Bruud and had been for a whole year now. Matilda liked Becca. But Becca never really noticed her. She just wondered why out of the 500 girls wanting to be, at least a friend, best friend, she chose her.

But, in front of Kitty, Becca was cool and stylish. Inside Becca was calm and kind. Matilda could see that. Matilda saw Rebecca Clare Bruud. Not Becca Bruud. And Becca wanted to be Rebecca Clare Bruud. She just didn't relize it yet. 

The End

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