Warning: This May Give You a Headache

This is less about the Miss Cannot-Control-Set-One and more about what happened in the lesson.

If you don't want a headache I suggest you stop reading now. 

Me and Cez walked into the lesson and sat in our seats. Flora was already there. Me and Flora started our conversation on Protag, and Garth Nix's 'Keys to the Kingdom' series. That convo did not end it fits of laughter since the teacher didn't give us enough time to start laughing. 

"I will have silence!" she squeaked. We turned to face the board. She gave us some work on dividing fractions. Flora and me immediately launched back into our conversation. 

"It's a bit weird really.  Like Nothing. You can make stuff from it but it's nothing" Flora said. (I'm serious. If you don't want a headache stop reading NOW). 

"Yeah" I said. "How does that work?"

"I dunno. Like 'I am not afraid of Nothing. Nothing cannot divert me from my cause.' Double negatives"

"What are you on about?" Cez said.

"The Keys to the Kingdom series. If you haven't read them this will make no sense at all" Flora said.

"But you have read them" I added "You got to Drowned Wednesday and then stopped"

"Oh yeah! If you're not afraid of nothing then you are afraid of everything" Cez pointed out.(I am actually serious about the headache thing). 

"No" I objected "If you're not afraid of nothing then you are afraid of something but not everything"

"No no! If you're not afraid of nothing then you are afraid of everything"

"No. You're thinking in opposites Cerowyn. Listen. If you're not afraid of nothing, then you're not necessarily afraid of everything but you are afraid of something" I tried to explain.

"Argh! This is confusing!" then she proceeded to write 'I'm not afraid of nothing' in her maths book. "I'm not trying to prove you wrong, I'm just trying to work it out for myself."

"Anyway" Flora continued "It is actually really confusing."

"Wait" Beth, who sits opposite me and normally doesn't get involved in our conversations interrupted. "Let me think. If your NOT afraid of nothing. It's saying that you are afraid of some things,  but not everything. Am I right?"

"I think you are" I said.

"What are you on about?" Clara, who sits behind asked Beth.

"I'm getting involved in the little cool talk" Beth grinned.

"What is Nothing anyway?" said Cez, who'd given up trying to understand.

"Uhhh... it's nothing" Flora said.

"Yeah! That's what it is. It actually is nothing!" I agreed.

"Yeah, I got that far"

"It's like an existent version of nothing. Nothing - that exists" I tried. Then Beth got annoyed and started moaning that she had a headache. Me and Cez started getting on with our work. "Flora, you should get on with the work too"

"I know. I should not not get on with my work" she said. And then I suddenly got lightheaded. 

"Please don't start that again"

"I've got an idea! Let's not talk about nothing!" Cez exclaimed.

"I just thought. You know when people say 'they're talking about nothing'? Well we're literally talking about nothing!" I pointed out.

"Yeah. Hey, if everything came from nothing, what is Immaterial made of?"

"Oh yeah, good point" I agreed

"And also, what happened to Arthur's Immaterial boots? He had them at the end of Grim Tuesday, and for a bit in Drowned Wednesday. But I don't remember them being mentioned after that"

"No, neither do I. I haven't read them in ages though..."

"Yes. Let's get on with the work" Cez said. So we did. 

And we only had to stay back one minute that lesson. That's... two minutes less than normal!

The End

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