Stages of : The Student Teacher

(This is in the Student Teacher's POV in case you get confused....this is actually something I wrote on squared paper)

Stage 1 - Act quiet and wait for students to shut up. Stand at the front of the classroom doing nothing for five minutes and more with arms folded. Pretend everything is under control.

Stage 2 - Realizes that no one is going shut up, start opening voice box and screaming.

Stage 3 -  Becomes friendly, then gives up doing that and begins to scream again.

Stage 4 - Pity the class' normal teacher.

Stage 5 - Begins to snow outside, class screams in excitement. Screams back at class to shut them up. Doesn't work. Despair. Threatens to close the blinds if anyone else looks out.

Stage 6 - Shuts the blinds.

Stage 7 - Students rebel, pull up a blind. Doesn't notice or gives up trying.

Stage 8 - Announce the need for quiet. Annoy students and write minutes on the board.

Stage 9 - Shouts "YEAR 8!". Repeat procedure as many times as neccessary.

Stage 10 - Quote of the day : Pens and pencils down, looking this way, and (I'll have) QUIET PLEASE!

Stage 11 - Quote of the day : FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE! I want quiet!

Stage 12 - Ignores the fact that sometimes... you DON'T get what you want.

Stage 13 - Quote of the day : FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE! and I want SILENCE. (How rude! Not even a "please" now. On this day, we stayed back for four minutes.)

Stage 14 - Quote of the day : This is entirely too LOUD!

The End

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