Is it a hair do or a pencil case?

The day our maths teacher got confused between her hair and her pencil case- as far as I can remember.

I walked into the class with Amy, the student teacher was stood at the front writing on the borad. Amy went to her seat at the back of the class and sat in mine near the front. After about two minutes Cerowyn and Emily came in laughing- I don't know why, I didn't ask. When everyone was sat down the class started talking and the teacher started saying her classic phrases- such as "I will have silence!" "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, I want silence!" and things like that. Obviously no-one did so she wrote '0:30' on the board- 30 seconds staying behind after the bell. (We tend to get to about 2:00). Then we shut up for a bit.

"Have you noticed she's got a pencil in her hair?" said Cerowyn who was sat next to me.

"Oh my god, she has!" I replied, holding back laughter.

"Flora!" The voice came from the back of the class. I turned to see Amy, her hair in a ponytail with a pencil in it. Caitlin sat next to her did the same.

"Have you got a bobble?" I asked Cerowyn.

"No, sorry," she said. But Emily passed me a pink bobble. I did my hair up and stuck a pencil in it. Then Cerowyn did and then Emily, Then of course we had a go at seeing how many pencils we could stick in Tanya's hair (it's quite curly and there's quite a lot of it)

I don't remember exactly what happened next, but most of the calss enede up with pencil's in their hair, even a few of the boys!

Me and Emily didn't get much work done after I stuck the pencil in my hair, we were laughing so hard.

Top two most number of pencil's in hair

#1. Genesia, with 8 pencils.

#2. Cerowyn, with 7 pencils.

The End

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