Hexagons WILL NOT help us in the future


OK. I can't remember what happened when we first got her, so I'll start with a short story, and carry on with a long one.

Story One

Everyone was sitting next to their friends and were talking loudly. So she changed the seating plan. But it made everyone talk louder so that their friends would hear them.

Story Two

Me, Flora and Cez all sit near eachother on the same table. We were having our usual discussion of 'What's her name?' and 'On Protag...'. These discussions normally end in fits of laughter for some reason. This one did too. So there we were, laughing our heads off about who-knows-what and then Miss... uhh... Miss (I don't even know her name) called out.

"Everyone be quiet and face the front!" in her high-pitched squeaky voice. There was no reaction to this whatsoever. "Everyone be quiet and face the front!" Still no reaction, except maybe people talking a bit louder. "I said everyone be quiet and face the front!"

"Yeah" either me or Cez mumbled "We know what you said. It doesn't mean we're going to pay attention" which set us all of laughing harder.

"Right!" Miss yelled "That's thirty second you will be staying behind for not shutting up when I tell you to!"

"Oh dear. Thirty seconds of our life wasted. My future is ruined" I mumbled. Cez laughed even harder and so did me and Flora.

"OK. Thank you" Miss said, giving up on the quiet rule. At least most of us were facing the front. "It should not take that long to follow a simple instruction. Today we are going to be looking at shape patterns. You will draw a series of hexagon shapes like this" she motioned to a picture of two hexagons on the board "on the dotted paper that Sir is putting on your tables. There has to be a border of hexagons around each black hexagon. The black hexagon is a flower bed and the white ones are paving stones."

"Why do we have to do this" someone asked.

"It'll help you in the future" Miss said. Then everyone immediately started talking.

"How is drawing hexagons on dotted paper going to help us in the future?" I asked Cez and Flora.

"I don't know. But they're either really small flower beds or really big paving stones" Flora said. That started me off laughing again.

"I don't know either" Cez said "I'm going to ask Sir" and she got up and went over to Sir. Then she came back, sat down and said: "He said it wont"

"Of coarse it wont" I said "Imagine it. You go for an interview for your first job in, say, a sweetshop. The manager asks: 'What special skills do you have' and you say 'I can draw hexagons on dotted paper'." and we all set off laughing again.

I stuck my hexagons on dotted paper on my corkboard. :D

The End

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