Maths is my Master

Maths is NOT my favourite subject, never was, never ever will be, I hate it with a passion...but it owns me.

Care to write about your least favourite subject?

Since the age of about three, words have always been my friends. Although at times I stumble and fall over them, they always help me back up again.

When I went to primary education I danced with the words, I controlled them and they used me to give them life, love and a reason for existence.

Art...yes I can safely say that Art and myself enjoyed a stable relationship and we occasionally met for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Science was the subject that I had the 'Avoidance Agreement' with. I avoided it like the plague and it happily kept a low profile when I was about.

Maths.....maths hit me like a train. It stood on me, kicked me the head, beat me until I was on my knees and then as a final insult when I was curled in a ball of agony on the ground, it spat on me.

Maths and myself have never been friends. We share the kind of relationship where I sneak into the back of the classroom and try to hide behind my books or my schoolbag. It always finds me.

And when it finds FINDS me.

I am one of those human beings that has the unique ability to add two and two, and get five. Maths hates this. It defies all logical reasoning in my mind. I think I have a mental block against numbers. I don't like them. They're too...numbery!

I avoid all occasion when I have to use numbers. Calculators haunt me, I run from the quotient rule and I find a nice quiet spot to play hangman (the answer is always maths and I always get the little guy hung).

Anyway, to get back to the point, maths owns me. I've never been able to get the better of it. It bullies and abuses my brain until I am curled up in a corner crying and shaking and then...THEN... when numbers are no longer enough for it (I firmly believe maths is greedy) it has letters in it!!!


How in the name of the lord above can X be equal to 14 or 12 or 7???!!!

I wanted to die, and in all honesty I think maths wanted me to die too.

I will never know how I made it through school in that subject but somehow I emerged the other side, slightly bruised, slightly shaken, but alive.

And now I'm going out with a computer scientist.....go figure.

I guess maths really is my master, I'll never escape.

The End

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