Chapter 2Mature

I parked my car in the parking spot next to Nate's. I realized that this was a stupid move because just then Nate came and parked right next to my car. I was still in the car, looking at Nate come out of his car, with a grim expression on his face. He noticed me.

I bit my lip, looking away. I could feel Nate staring at me and when I turned my head, he was. I sighed and got of my car with my bag and tried to walk away as fast as I could.

"Bree," he called. I stopped in the middle of the parking lot. He walked toward me, and placed his firm hand on my shoulder. I wasn't looking at him, but I could tell he wanted me to.

"What?" I asked, my voice full of pain.

"Bree, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to..."

"I know," I said cutting him short, "I read your note. I don't need to hear it. Especially from you."

I walked away. I didn't look back. I felt guilty enough for being so harsh, but I couldn't be that girl who was weak and forgave someone just like that.

I could hear him sighing and walking back to his car. I went inside the school building and went inside the bathroom. I went in a stall and closed the lid on the toilet. I sat on it, pressed my knees to my chest, and rested my head on them. And I let myself cry.

The End

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