Match Made in HellMature

I looked the clock, set above my dresser. It was exactly 7:47 in the evening. The crickets chirped in the distance, but their melodious tune was drowned out by the trucks and cars passing by. I looked at the note in my hand. This was my 59th time reading it. I had been counting in my head. I probably memorized it by now.

Dear Bree,

It's not my fault. Okay, well maybe it is...

Bree, please forgive me...

Fine, if you don't want to don't. Wait, what the hell am I saying? I think  I'm in love with...

C'mon, sweetheart, you know I wouldn't do somehting like that...

Bree, look, I'm sorry for everything. Please forgive me.

                                                                                                             - Nate

I looked at the note one more time. Each word making me want to go over there and kill him. It was his fault. He should know that. He broke my heart. Pierced the sharpest sword through it. Stomped on it with iron boots. Shot a bullet through the center. I crushed the piece of paper in my hand and through it in my garbage which held a bunch of other notes from Nate. Nate had done it this time.

Tears were flowing continously out of my eyes, making my cheeks shine in the dim light. My heart felt as if it had stopped. Forever. Well, too bad for me, it didn't. I was still alive. I wish I wasn't. I tried to stop my tears, which poured out like a river now, and forced myself to smile. My smile instantly dropped, forcing me to cry even harder.

I remembered the day when Nate told me the truth. He was hiding it from me for a month. It was just a couple day ago, actually. He first gave me a rose, to soften me, I guess. And then he told me. At first, I though he was kidding. But that solemn expression on his face gave it away.

He had gotten my best friend, Macy, pregnant. Pregnant. I repeated the word in my head. He said he didn't know how it happened and it was all just mistake. He hoped I would understand. I didn't. Why should I understand?

Macy and Nate were both number one on my blacklist. Well, they were the only ones. They may think I am overreacting.

I hid under my covers. And stayed like that for the rest of the night.




The End

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