Cassidy Stjerna: The BeginningMature

On the 23rd of September 5 young adults from the ages fifteen to twenty one gained the most unusual ability: full power over time and space.

'You've got to be kidding me!' Cassidy moaned as she  stood outside the cafe door. The sign read ''Closed'' and the door was locked. Her coworker, Aron, glared at the sign like he had just found out it murdered his cat. 

'Joanne seriously needs to start texting us when she's taking the day off,' he spat, scratching his head. 

'It's the third time this month; I swear to God I'm going to quit this shite hole if it carries on.' Cassidy snarled, lighting up her cigarette; shielding it from the mist of rain around them, 'I like to know when I can sleep in.'

Aron grunted in agreement before taking his leave, putting his rucksack over his head to protect his perfectly styled hair. 

'Bloody typical,' she mumbled to herself as she, too, stalked off back through the town centre toward the direction of her apartment. She put her headphones in, and her pace stepped up to the beat of her music. 

The rest of the world seemed to disappear around her as she strode towards the main road, her combat boots sprayed water up the back of her jeans while she walked, making her colder than she already was.

She sped walk to the crossing as the pedestrian light turned green, and was jostled around by the masses of people around her, rushing the get to where they needed to be. Her phone slipped out of her pocket and hit the floor as a particularly sour-looking business man shoved her out of his way. 

Cassidy bent down to pick the phone up, and as she did so everything around her seemed to slow down. The wind picked up her hair and it billowed out behind her as she looked up, wide eyed at the oncoming traffic as the lights swapped around to allow the traffic through the road. The young adult gasped, stumbling over her own feet as she desperately tried to move backward and away from the truck which headed straight for her.

Oh God, oh God, please, she begged silently, squeezing her eyes tight shut and clamping her hands over her face as she waited for the impact. She waited, and waited. And after what seemed like an eternity she removed her hands and opened her eyes.

Inches away from her face was a blurred truck, stopped dead in it's tracks - trapped in the movement it wasn't performing. 

Her breath came out quiet and fast, her hands shook and her legs almost failed to support her as she stood up. Panicked, she fled from the scene, clutching her shattered phone in her icy fingers, pushing the frozen people out of her way as she went. 

As she ran back home, the people around her fell back into their pace, chatting and laughing as if nothing had ever happened. 

The End

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