There it is floating on top. Green, gulping and gasping. It's eye's bulging and startled. The chef carries on. Keep it until it drowns. Keep it until it boils. Keep it until he burns to death.

Squealing, its helpless. 

Masterchef continues, "This is going to be my best recipe ever." He exclaims, all big-headed and boastful. It doesn't take much for this chef to come out on top. He has one many prestigious awards for his effortless master-pieces. No-one can complain, they are all just so tasty.


He turns the heat up a little. That's it! The helpless frog is squealing now, fighting for his life. However the masterchef stares straight into his eye's in a menacing fashion. The bubbles deep from the pan take the creature and he is forced under water. Masterchef's ruthless actions take another creature.  


He is served as an award warning dish. 

"Simply scrumptious!" Cries the critics

"We want more."



The End

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