The Illusive Man

"We should leave, Liara" insisted Feron. " don't you know who these people are?, they,re Cerberus!, a human hate group". Liara was well aware of who Cerberus were. She had helped Commander Shepard destroy a number of their facilities on their mission to stop Saren Arterius, the rogue turian spectre who had attacked the human colony of Eden Prime and nearly unleashed the Reapers on an unsuspecting galaxy. "Maybe" she replied. "But they want to find Commander Shepard as well". "That's because Shepard is Human Liara!"he still insisted. At that moment the human Miranda walked in. "Our leader will see you now Liara" she said . She then led Liara into a dark room. An orange holographic cylinder began to surround her. a small virtual screen materialised in front of her. In it she could see a human sitting in a chair, He had a small cylinder in his hand, something humans called cigarettes. He was staring out at the view of a dying star.

"Welcome Doctor T'Soni" he said, opening up the conversation. "You may call me The Illusive Man". "Elusive..." began Liara. "that's Illusive" he corrected her. "But yes i often have to be hard to find as well. I hope we can work together, Liara" he said politely. "We share the same goal after all" He turned around to face the hologram of Liara that was standing behind him. "I don't know, what does Cerberus want with Shepard's corpse" she inquired. "I could ask the same of a young asari, I cannot expect you to understand our traditions" he said almost condescendingly " However the Shadow Broker is also interested in recovering Shepard's body" he took a drag of the cigar. " and has made a deal with the Collectors". "The collectors? but they;re just a bunch of slavers what do they want with a corpse?" Liara demanded. "you will find the Collectors to be cosmic vagabonds. They appear from time to time and pay exumerable sums for mercenaries to retrieve eccentric genetic samples for them" he continued " Dyslexic krogan,humans with O.C.D, elcor that sing well, salarians past the age of 40. they then disappear as quickly as they appeared back beyond the Omega 4 mass relay. Their interest in Shepard is alarming though" he said. "whatever their reasons they cannot be good". he looked her straight in the eyes and for the first time she saw his lambent blue iris' "Will you work with us?" he asked. "Why me?" asked Liara. "I find nothing beats someone with a personal drive" he replied with a smile. "can I count on you?" Liara thought about that for a moment. "No"she replied finally. "But Shepard can"

The End

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