DR.Liara T'Soni

Miranda's omni-tool bleeped at her side and its orange holographic appearance engulfed her arm."Message from the Illusive Man" she said to Connor. "We have to move, the Shadow Broker has sent the Blue Suns after T'Soni" 

Connor and his men moved into position on a concealed platform overlooking where they would find the asari. Too late he realised. Blue Suns mercenaries had both her and her drell companion subdued. Connor aimed down his snipers scope for a better view of the situation. Below two humans had Liara's hands pinned while a krogan pointed a large carnifix pistol at her head. "She is a lovely shade of blue" said Mathias, one of his squad,quietly. Connor could not help but agree. Just about every race and gender found the asari, an all female blue skinned race, attractive. "If you too cannot control your testosterone we can go to Afterlife once after we find Shepard" came Miranda's annoyed voice over the comm. "Apologies ma,am" replied Connor.. He aimed at the krogans head and fired. The guns on board A.I calculated the distance between it and its target. It the sliced off a correctly sized sliver from the guns metal block clip and used micro mass accelerators to fire it. Every weapon from a Batarian smugglers pistol to the main gun of an Alliance Everest-Class dreadnought used mass accelerators. In theory a paint chip fired at a sufficient speed would impact with the force of a nuclear weapon. The krogan's head exploded into red mist.

Liara T'Soni did not fancy her options at the moment. She had agreed to meet her companion, Feron here on Omega because he had a lead on where to find Commander Shepard's body. Unfortunately someone did not want her to. The krogan still had the pistol pointed at her head. "Everything is my business lady" he snarled at her. "Especially this, Shepard is a hot commodity so why don't you..." the krogan's head exploded into bloody red mist. "sniper!" cried another one of the Blue Suns who was reaching for his weapon. "Feron move!" shouted Liara, using her biotics to push him out of the way as more snipers began to tear the Blue Suns apart. "which way?" she asked. "Down here" Feron replied. The two of the ran down a dark side alley only to bump into two humans in white body armour. "Or maybe not" he said. "Relax drell, we are on the same side" said Miranda as she barged through the two soldiers. "We are looking for Commander Shepard as well. Our leader would like to speak with you Liara" she said. Liara did not know whether to trust these people or not. But they were looking for Commander Shepard as well, and that was good enough for her.

The End

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