The Hangar

Omega. In the dialect of Humanity, the Asari, Turians or any other species its meaning was the same. The end of all things. The station lay in an asteroid belt orbiting lazily around its dying star. It resembled a giant mushroom in space with the original asteroid as the head and the artificial structures that had been gradually added spiralling down from this completed the image. There were several cherry red heat radiator fins extruding from the rock in a spoke like manner to dissipate the large amount of heat the station produced. They were granted clearance to dock at one of the hangars near the actual rock itself.

As soon as she stepped of the ship the smell of the hangar hit Miranda. the air reeked with the smell of machine oil,seat and pheromones that all the individual aliens were excreting. The hangar itself was a reasonably large area carved from the rock of the asteroid itself. around her were other craft and the various gangs and groups that owned them lingering around. The technology the hangar itself used must be at least 40 years old thought Miranda.Captain Regan walked down the landing ramp after her. her was a tall, handsome man. Broad shouldered in his early 30,s with faint stubble on his tanned face. "So this is the infamous Omega" he said sarcastically. "Why in the name of sanity would anyone want to live here?" he asked. "To avoid the law and authority" Miranda replied. At that moment she noticed a turian making his way towards her.

The turians homeworld Palevan, had a weak magnetic field meaning all life there had developed matallic like carapaces to protect themselves from the native sun. Unlike most humanoid species, the turians did not not share the same jaw structure, instead they had 4 pieces. Two at the sides that opened and closed as well as the usual jaw.  This turian had a pattern painted on his face, to show which colony he came from, a tradition from the turian civil war. Regan saw him and moved to stand between the turian and Miranda. "Need something?" he asked suspiciously. "relax, Aria knows your with Cerberus". when turians spoke it was as though there was a second deeper,yet fainter voice talking as well as their own. "Cerberus?" asked Miranda with fake surprise. "who are they?" "Look human don,t play at being clueless that ship of yours is a regular here, as were its Batarian crew. We received a distress call that they were under attack by a human military group". He continued "they happened to be a pain in Aria,s blue side for some time, she sends her thanks". Miranda asked "So  she has no problem that we are with Cerberus?" "None at all" replied the turian "Aria does not let personal grudges and prejudices get in the way of profits, however..." he continued. "Try to hurt Aria or any of her people and well, we will have to take you out" he turned and walked away "enjoy our time on Omega!" he called over his shoulder

The End

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