this is loosely based on the start of the Mass Effect: Redemption comic.
Cerberus operatives Miranda Lawson and Conner Regan or on their way to Omega when they receive some unexpected informmation

"we are coming up on Omega now Mrs Lawson" announced Garvais, the pilot. "No difficulties I presume?" inquired Miranda. "Negative on that Ma,am" he replied. They had no idea whether or not Aria T,lok, the El de Facto ruler of the Omega station would allow a Cerberus vessel to dock at her little kingdom. to that end they had gone into the Terminus systems and attacked the first batarian freighter they came across. The ship was shaped like a large flattened rectangle with a large fin at the dorsal area and a spear tip shaped cockpit. "How long until we dock?" she asked. "E.t.a 10 minutes" Gervais replied. Miranda turned to leave when Gervais turned around and said "oh and Ma,am before you go i would recommend a change of attire, i have been to Omega before and you,ll stick out like a drunk krogan at a wedding" he said. Miranda stared a little consciously at her uniform.  She had always like her Cerberus uniform with its black arms and boots and white body  fabric made from faint wide hexagons. "Unfortunately Gervais I don,t have anything to change into" she said with a smirk and left the cockpit.

Conner heard the pilots voice over the ship-comm that they would be arriving soon. he never thought he would ever go to Omega. The place was the cesspit of the galaxy controlled by mercenaries,gangs and thugs who the asari Aria T,Lok had under her heel. They had no idea if Cerberus vessels would be allowed near Omega so they were posing as merchants. The ships cargo hold was cammed with krogan tonkah,s and dated alliance mako,s. The tonkahs were built for  krogan physiology and we useless to them. He wondered where the hell Cerberus had even got their hands on them. The vehicles were used exclusively by krogan and only really existed on their  home world, Tuchunka. The makos were dated but they would probably donate the anonymously to a human colony in the Terminus systems somewhere Conner thought.That was what Cerberus was all about after all, helping humanity. He picked up his avenger VI assault rifle. they would be docking soon

Miranda had gone back to her quarters when her personal V.I informed her. "you have an incoming call from the Illusive Man, Mrs Lawson" it said in its chirpy voice. If the Illusive Man was calling now it meant he had critical information about their mission reasoned Miranda. She picked up a small sphere about the size of a large tennis ball and it began to suspend in  the air. slowly around it a 3D hologram of the Illusive Man began to form. No one,not even Miranda knew his true name. The Illusive Man stood before her inn his usual smart, tailored grey suit, cigar in hand. he looked to be in his late  40,s at least thought  Miranda, though she would never know. His greying hair was evenly combed to either side of his head,but what was most intimidating about him were his eyes. each had an artificial lambent blue iris with a trio of dots set in each. "Miranda, I just received word we are not the only ones looking for Shepard,s body" he began Miranda had never been quite able to place his accent.  Educated, yet not posh, the voice of someone in charge,informed she thought. And as leader of Cerberus he needed to be. "who else is after him then?" she asked. He took a drag on his cigar before he answered. "the Shadow broker also appears to be interested in finding Shepard,s body and worse, he has been hired the Collectors to  obtain it". The Collectors? Miranda was not sure whether to be confused or scared. "why would they bother?" she asked. "what do they have to gain from this?". "The Collectors motives are as unclear as they always are" replied the Illusive Man. "but if they are involved it cannot be good" He took another drag of his cigar before he continued. Furthermore a former team mate and close friend of Shepard, doctor Liara T,Soni is on Omega with similar motives in mind as us. i want you to find her and convince her to help us" he said. "Will she even want to?, how many Cerberus facilities did she and Shepard destroy?" she asked. "irrelevant" he replied. If she won,t let her talk with me, i will convince her" "Very well" replied Miranda. "Be careful Miranda" said the Illusive Man. "The Shadow broker and the Collectors have eyes everywhere"

The End

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