Assault on GARDIAN ControlMature

Saris crouched behind cover as the GARDIAN turrets began firing again.  She glanced over at a couple of her troops.  Catching their eyes, she readied a grenade and inclined her head towards the GARDIAN control center from which gunfire streamed out.  They grabbed grenades as well and the three stood and threw at the same time before ducking again.  Explosions and screams silenced the guns for a moment and Saris rose again, this time bringing her rifle up to her shoulder.  She sighted in on a human or batarian crawling back towards cover and removed his head with a short burst.

Shifting her rifle to the left and herself out of cover she advanced towards the heavily defended entrance, killing three more enemies before her rifle hissed.  Her platoon was advancing with her as she quickly smacked her weapon, the impact a signal to the computer to eject the spent thermal clip and load a new one.  One of her team’s engineers cast an overload program on the mercs and quickly drew their ire as their shields fizzled and died.  The engineer went down in a bloody heap as they redirected their fire towards what they considered a more dangerous target.

Swinging her rifle up again Saris sprayed a quick line of fire at shoulder height before biotically throwing herself forward.  She struck her chosen target with immense force, throwing him back against a nearby wall with a sickening crunch.  Turning to the right she fired a burst into an Eclipse tech who was turning towards her with shock.  His shields failed and rounds punched through his nearly nonexistent armor.

Continuing her turn she released her weapon’s grip and swung her hand back towards her shoulder.  Once she was nearly facing the two mercs that had been behind her, she shot her hand forward, fingers splayed wide to cover a larger area with her biotic throw.  The mercs went flying backwards and flipping over a low wall.  Her platoon turned their weapons towards those two easy targets as she started to turn back towards the entrance.  She noticed too late a large red form rushing towards her.

Saris was now the one to go flying as a thousand pounds of krogan slammed into her shoulder first.  She flew about ten feet before landing hard, her weapon torn from her grasp.  She looked back towards the entrance and saw the krogan now brandishing a shotgun.  In the instinctive move she had been taught years ago she swung her arm over her body in a defensive motion, summoning a barrier just in time to absorb the shot.  The krogan had no chance for a second as her men poured fire into him.  Even blood rage could not keep him standing, especially once their rounds sliced through his knees.  One of her men offered a hand to help her up once the krogan had been dealt with thoroughly.

“Ouch…,” she said under her breath before turning to her platoon to say, “Clear this building.”  One of her men brought her gun over to her and she leaned heavily against a wall, listening to the sounds of combat flowing from the building.  Activating her omnitool she gave herself a small dose of painkillers and checked the tactical network.  The mercs were pushing hard at the  spaceport.  Saris started planning her next attack while she waited for her men to get done in the GARDIAN control center.

The End

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