Re-activating the GunsMature

"Specialty, maintenance and reconnaissance, also skilled in electronics and decryption" Soldri stated "I have yet not been able to bypass any security door and..."

Soldri was cut short by a certain look Saris gave him.

"We need those GARDIAN's back online, get to it! We will provide a distraction while you go in and get it done" she ordered

Soldri wasted no time, Saris scared him when she shouted. Luckily he had been in this facility before, so finding the issue to fix the guns shouldn't take long.

He activated his tactical cloak and snuck inside through an alternate entrance while Saris provided a distraction with her platoon.

First, check power, no power is not good. Soldri thought to himself.

Hmm, how did they already have pirates here? Traitor perhaps? Quite possible, happened before, easy to hide intent without questioning. Their weapons must be Alliance issue, they couldn't get them from anywhere else. Hmm...

He was thinking about all possible scenarios, and got to the power grid before long, undetected.

Activating power will bring them to me, must be careful.

Placing his decoy at the controls, and re-activated the power and as he had guessed, pirates were coming to his position.

Soldri knocked over a few nearby boxes to use as cover, and hid from plain sight of the door into the room. Then he placed a proximity mine by the door, got out his Scorpion pistol, and waited for them.

The door opened and three armed men came into the room, they had Alliance weapons, as Soldri had guessed.

"Hey you! Get away from those controls" One of the pirates shouted at the decoy, as the other two went up to it only to set off the proximity mine.

"What the-" Before the other pirate could finish his sentence, Soldri had shot him in the side of the face with his pistol. It exploded leaving quite a mess.

"Love it when that happens" Soldri said with a small smile.

Soldri could hear the GARDIAN guns firing, but he could also hear more footsteps and shouting. More than three by the sound of it, so he switched to his Tempest sub-machine gun, placed another mine by the door, and waited.

"Did you hear the explosion? It came from inside, those soldiers at the door aren't the real threat here"

"Damn it, I'd hoped the shuttles would have landed before they figured it out"

"We can't just let them do this, it'll mess up the plan"

More walked in, around 6 men, looking around and seeing the bodies.

"Whoa, they took his head clean off..." One said, kneeling down by the body Soldri shot.

"Heheh... oops" Soldri laughed, and immediately covered his mouth, but it was too late.

"Over there, behind the boxes!" they all focused their attention to where he was, advancing slowly.


Soldri showed himself, shot another proximity mine by their feet, which detonated the previous one. The first one knocked a few down, whereas the one he set before did little damage.

He began to spray bullets at them, before taking cover again and activating his cloak. He didn't kill any of the pirates, but he had planned on making them nervous. Maybe waiting for Saris will be a good idea...

The End

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