No plan survives first contact with the enemyMature

           Saris checked her omnitool’s tactical display again.  With so many contacts the sensor techs could only make guess about enemy strength but they were suggesting at least 100 shuttles incoming, screened by 24 fighters and 30 gunships.  So, only about 1200 troops.  Not too bad…

            At 40 kilometers the spaceport’s two squadrons of fighters soared overhead to engage the incoming targets.  A dozen transports, three fighters and four gunships exploded as missiles and cannon fire tore into them.  In return they shot down one of the squadrons of Alliance fighters.  The second squadron banked hard and managed to kill another six transports, a fighter and two gunships before it too was smashed.

            In the time the aerial fight had occurred the incoming pirates had closed to 25 kilometers.  At 20 kilometers the GARDIAN grid opened fire and quickly knocked seven transports, five fighters and three gunships out of the air.  At 18 kilometers, the guns ceased fire.

            “GARDIAN control, why aren’t you firing, over?” asked a confused command center officer.  After ten seconds, he said, “GARDIAN control, respond, over.”  By now the transports were within 13 kilometers of the colony and Saris was beginning to figure out why the guns had stopped firing.

            “Platoon, rally on me!  We’re heading to the GARDIAN control center.  Let’s move!” shouted Saris.  As she ran she opened her omnitool and scanned through the list of the men in her platoon, trying to find a small team she could use to punch through to the control room if needed.  She saw an unfamiliar name in the list, added just that morning.  “Soldri” appeared to be a brand new N7 operative fresh from training.  Prior experience was… STG in the...  Damn it, she thought as she ran, unable to read the file at what was for her a fairly quick jog, but for the humans nearly a sprint.

            “Soldri!  Need you up here!” she yelled back at her men.  The salarian bounded towards her in green and blue armor.  “Specialty?” she asked when he got to her.

The End

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