Varssk: The SpaceportMature

"You did what?!"

The Varren looks at Varrsk with his big blue eyes, panting.

Varssk didn't actually know what the Varren did, though he has learned to understand its movements and behavior.

"Well hopefully they wont know it's you... cause I am not cleaning that up"

The Varren stops panting, and decided to lay down by Varssk's feet.

"Ugh, I swear if they get me in trouble for this..."

Varssk then turns his attention back to adjusting his Claymore shotgun, making sure it does as much damage as possible. It was one of the older, more rare models, he would often get humans to use it so he could laugh when they break an arm.

He runs a scan with his omni-tool, though he tinkered with the gun, there wasn't any improvement made. Varssk growled.

Well, maybe I could get someone else to do it, maybe the Salarians can prove useful for once.

Moving his shotgun to one side, Varssk then started messing around with his Striker Assault Rifle. He didn't really know what he was doing with it, but he enjoyed re-assembling weapons that he would later kill people with.

Varssk then began to scan his rifle to see if he made any improvements.

"Recoil increased by 5%" a voice buzzed from the tool.

"Just the recoil?" Varssk moaned "If I didn't like recoil so much I'd destroy this damn thing"

Varssk didn't like the post he had been assigned, defending a random space port, that hasn't seen action... ever.

Suddenly the facility alarm started to ring, and he heard lots of footsteps and voices. He rushed and opened the door into the corridor and saw the soldiers getting up and straight to the armoury.

"What's going on?" Varssk asked the nearest and highest ranking officer.

"Pirates are attacking, get ready to defend this space port, Saris is sending a platoon as reinforcements" the Turian said this rather quickly, but Varssk got enough information out of that to know that things were about to get interesting.

Varssk let out a deep chuckle before turning to his Varren.

"You ready Snips? Look's like trouble's come looking for us for a change. Heheh"

Snips shot up and growled, and ran over to the workbench and got on top of it.

Varssk put his weapons in their appropriate places on his back before putting on Snips' armour, and stashing spare thermal clips in small pockets located near its legs.

"You ready?" he asked the Varren

Snips barked in response, jumped off the table and ran out the hallway, Varssk not far behind.

After running through corridor after corridor he came across one of the hangar bays, where he could see the pirate ships coming into the planets atmosphere. To his side he could see various ships taking off.

Pirate gunships and shuttles started to close in, gunships fighting in the air as the shuttles flew out in all sorts of directions. A good few were coming toward the space port.

"They can send all the ship's they want, I'll take them all on my own if I have to!" Varssk shouted, Snips growing and barking, as the Varren also seemed to have wanted a fight just as badly.

Varssk loaded his Claymore, and got into cover as the first shuttle landed.

"Time to die pirates..."

The End

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