Vampyres who walk in the light with no effects whatsoever.

     In this day and age, we vampyres walk among humans. They know we exist, they know we are all around them. They are not scared, because none of them believe they have been bitten. It goes something like this: We make up a story about losing our parents, our car breaking down, or something else that will get that human to come with us. Then, we take them to where we last saw those lost parents or to where our car is, but really, we're just taking them into an alley. Then, we feed, wipe their memories, and leave them to remember what they were doing on the streets in the first place. The process is simple, because depending on your age, you can usually find someone to feed on.

     Something else to consider: We vampyres have what we call "Affinities". Every vampyre has an affinity. If they didn't, it would be like a human with no favorite flavor of ice cream. Affinities are emotions that vampyres take a liking to. My affinity is Hatred. If someone just got in a fight with their spouse, they will hate them for a short period of time before settling down. If they walk by me, I will smell their hatred and put on my act. Broken down cars, lost parents, you name it, I've done it. Being six, it wasn't hard to get people to go with me. Being sixteen, however, you've got to target the men who would be interested in you. You've just got to know how to do it. I'd fake that I was lost and get them to go with me. I'd feed, wipe some memory, and leave them to it. But there is something else I should tell you. If I drink the blood of a hater, it's like I drink their hatred away. It's why we drink from people with bad emotions, because it takes away that emotion.

     If your affinity was Love, for example, you wouldn't be feeding on your favorite blood type very often, if you know what I mean. It would drain that human of love, leaving their life bleak and lustful.

     I bit someone for the first time when I was six.

The End

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