The Meeting

Ugh I just need to get this over with, Annalisa thought as she rolled out of bed the next morning. She dressed in the customary flowy white shirt with a brightly colored pleated skirt that went just below her knees. She chose her purple skirt that day, and her straight hair actually worked perfectly for her for once.

At that moment, Alejandra whirled into the room. Alejandra was her very shy best friend who had wavy brunette hair and dark eyes.

"What are you doing! The audience with the Captain is in five minutes!" She was completely exhasperated.

"Five mintues!? I slept in!" Annalisa yelled.

"Let's go! And remember it's the whole court you'll be giving your report to." Alejandra warned her.

Alejandra, luckily, was in the Captain's court so Annalisa didn't have to walk in alone.

They stepped into the room. There was a large half circle table with many spais stationed around it. Rannet was in the court. Annalisa took a deep breath and forced herself not to look at him. She could feel his gaze following her. Alejandra went to take her seat, but there was still one empty. Kegan. Kegan was all for a war, thinking fighting was the only option. He and Alejandra did not get along one bit. Really, they hated eachother, and Alejandra is usually friends with everyone. He would be the hardest one to convince.

He rushed into the room and took his seat with a snear at Alejandra.

The Captain stood and said, "We have all assembled here to hear Annalisa's report on what happened at the ball she infiltrated."

He sat and nodded to Annalisa to begin.

"I arrived and was greeted most graciously thanks to the fake information Alejandra posted in their files. I began to walk around, dancing with anyone who would ask me, in an effort to speak with them more. I mostly stayed with the main advisers. I think we should target Abelard, he is easily convinced of anything." She said out of breath.

"Abelard!" The Captain exclaimed, "That man is as close to the king as anyone could get. If what you say is true then we are lucky indeed."

"It is true, I am sure of it." She said confidently.

"Then we will have to---" He was cut off by Kegan.

"Are we seriously going to listen to a sixteen year old girl who just went on her first mission?!" He bellowed, " Abelard! I'll say what I've been saying from the beginning, war. War is the only chance we have. And I know what you will say. There are not enough of us. There are too many of them. We have dragons! We are an ancient people who should be proud and fight for our freedom!"

"Kegan I have spoken to you about this before! There will be no war." The Captain said calmly, but with authority.

A power-hungry look flashed through Kegan's eyes, just long enough for Annalisa to catch it.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, We need to choose someone to replace Abelard as head adviser. I nominate Annalisa." The Captain kept the meeting going.

She was caught by surprise. "Me sir?" She asked uscertaintedly.

"Yes, you have already proved that you are well-liked in the castle, and you will be remembered. Also, I know I can trust you."

"Thank you sir."

"Then it has come to a vote. All in favor raise your right hand."

All twelve court members raised their hands exxcept Kegan.

"It is settled. I must devise the details for the quest. You are dismissed."

They all stood and left, Kegan being the first on the way out. Alejandra and Annalisa walked back to her room to find Seran waiting to hear about the meeting.

"How did it go?" He asked.

"It went great! Annalisa was chosen to replace Abelard!" Alejandra practically screamed.

"That's great Annalisa!"He said sweetly.

They went into the room and conversed for hours, but all Annalisa could think about was the look on Kegan's face. It scared her and she would need to watch him.

The End

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