Talk about adrenaline. Flying is amazing.

Atop Daran's back Annalisa felt free. Flying was her favorite thing.

"Daran, these nobles amuse me. They worry so much about their status and their image!" Annalisa said with a laugh.

"They are different, yes, and rather amusing." The always polite Daran said.

"Yes, but I am tired of them so quickly! Especially all of the bachelors following me around...." She told him.

"Well, you do look especially gorgeous tonight." Daran said.

Annalisa sighed, Daran, always the charmer. Very popular with the female dragons.

They were circling headquarters finding a place to land. As soon as they landed Seran rushed toward them. Annalisa let out another long sigh. He was perfect for her, she had to admit it. And she did feel for him quite a lot..... But there was still Rannet.

Rannet was amazing and she was completely in love with him. They had somewhat been together last year, but he had fallen for another girl. It broke her. Seran had been there to help her and now she couldn't bring herself to tell him how she felt about Rannet.

Seran helped her off Daran, who at once excused himself to go toward the dragon chambers.

"So what happened?" Seran asked her.

"I listened to a lot of stuck up nobles talk about how rich they are." She said distastefully.

"Oh," he said quietly.

"But I definitly learned some interesting things. We should definitly target Aberald." She said excitedly.

"Aberald? The king's most trusted adviser?" He asked, shocked.

"Yes." She replied.

They had reached her room.

"Well, the Captain said to let you rest tonight and to give him the report in the morning." Seran told her.

"Ok." Annalisa said rather nervously.

"Well, goodnight." He took her hand, kissed it, and walked down the hallway to his own room.

Too tired to think, Annalisa collapsed onto her bed and fell asleep instantly.

The End

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