The man behind a mask...Mature

Decided to try out first person. Hopefully, this works out. This is a horror story about a man in a mask who ruthlessly kills cops in horrific ways. One detective, Jacob Felix, thinks he can solve it, despite being new in the department. Only time will tell. But how much time do they have?

The blood dripped from his knife, much to his delight. The man with the mask stared at it, loving every time it did so.

Drip. Drip. Drip. It was beautiful.

From the table behind the masked man, a whimper escaped the mouth of a young female officer. On the floor beside her, the man knew her partner of ten year's corpse laid, several knives still sticking into his body. The masked man did not know their names, nor did he care. The only thing he cared about was their pain and suffering.

"You know," he said, turning to stare at the bound policewoman, "I think I will enjoy the company of your body more than his." Tears rolled down her face, making the masked man realize she took it differently. No, he wasn't like that. He only wanted her body to cut, not to play with.

The masked man giggled to himself and walked to where his prey lay, bound with ropes. It was time to make her suffer, like the man had. He knelt and pushed the blonde hair out of her face. The masked man always loved blondes. They just always gave him what he wanted: screams.


"What do we have here?" I asked my partner, Detective Kim Jerry, even though I didn't need to be told what had happened. On the floor of the abandoned building they were in laid two corpses with dozens of knives in them. Both wore uniforms of Miami's police force.

"Isn't it obvious, rookie?" Kim replied, sounding annoyed, "Two police officers, named Helga Damion and Gregg Brown, disappeared last week. I have a good idea, along with two badges, that these are our missing officers." The slender woman pushed her long blonde hair out of her face for what seemed the thousandth time that hour and walked to where the crime scene investigators were finishing up. She really was a bitch sometimes.

I just stood and thought about the case. This was the forth time in four months that a cop had been killed. Every time it changed, but I knew there was a connection. The only problem was that this guy knew his stuff. They never found fingerprints, only a cryptic massage. It pissed me off, to be honest.

"Hey!" I called to Kim,"What was the message this time?" She turned to me and sported one of her famous 'are you stupid' looks on her stern face before pointing to the ceiling.

I looked up and saw a message in red. It read: The cat and the mouse from cartoon's land, will be dealt with by my bloody sand!

It was obviously blood, but how had the man gotten that high up to write it? What did it even mean? I was confused by the oddities but recorded down the message for later. Right now I had to focus on getting clues.

"Detective Felix!" one of the investigation team members called to me, "Come here!" 

I walked over to the man, who held something in his hand with extreme care. "Please, call me Jake or Jacob, Detective Felix is for..." My voice trailed off when i realized what he held.

It was a black mask with the words 'Savior' engraved on it. Their first clue. 

The End

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