I lean in closer to her, and the intoxicating scent of her perfume fills my nose, and I open my mouth to say something more. But before I get a word out, James grabs the gun from my hand and jumps to his feet, the gun pointed at me.

“Get away from her! I’ll shoot you! Really I will!” James’ voice is filled with fear, and I can tell that adrenaline is rushing through his veins. I stand and back up, careful to keep him in the corner of my eyes as I move. I watch his eyes, and as soon as he looks to Mary I take my opening. I grab the knife hidden in my sleeve and throw it at James, the blade sinking into his chest and piercing his heart. His eyes go wide and he drops the gun, his hands go to his chest and grip the knife as he looks at it. He doesn’t say anything, just moans and falls to the ground. Mary’s hands cover her mouth as she stares at his body, blood glistening on the grass from the moonlight. I reach down and grab the gun, and turn to face Mary.

“You.. You killed… He’s dead..” Mary just stares at the body, her face covered. A tear starts to slide down her cheek.

“Yes, I did. I told him what would happen if he tried to take my gun, and I couldn’t let him think I was a liar now could I? I do my best not to lie, and I like keeping my word. Especially with something like this. Now, I’m sorry, but I can’t let you live now. You see, I’m wearing gloves and this is a stolen gun. He touched the gun and left his prints on it so they are going to assume that he is the one that pulled the trigger. And after a fashion, I suppose he did.” I walk over to his body and grab his shirt, making it stand. “Now don’t try to run, Mary, or else I will have to act rashly. We wouldn’t want that now would we?”

Mary stares at me in horror, her eyes wide with fear. She opens her mouth as if to say something, but starts to cry instead. “I.. I don’t know what you want from me! Why are you doing this? What did I do to make you want to kill me? Please just explain!”

“Explain? Seriously? You want me to EXPLAIN it to you?! You don’t deserve to have me explain ANYTHING!” I grab James’ lifeless arm and raises it, and place the gun in his hand. Mary gets to her feet and starts to run away, but using James’ hand I pull the trigger. Mary falls, and doesn’t get back up. I drop the body in the position most believable for the story I had concocted, and quickly ran back to my bag. I strip off my clothes as fast as I could, and wash of in the river. I dry off and change back into my dry clothes from my bag and grab my bike and pack and ride for the bridge. I estimate about five more minutes before the cops show, and quickly hide my bag on the bottom side of the bridge and rush back to the bodies. I go over to her body and sit next to it, and start thinking about the first girl who died. I remember that day and bring tears to my eyes, forcing myself to cry. I sit by her body and stroke her hair, crying as I wait for the police to show.

The End

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