The FearMature

Startled, James looks over at me. “Hey, wants up? Want a hit?”

“No, he’s religious remember?” Mary winks at me and smiles.

“That’s right. I’m religious.” I pull out my gun and point it at the two of them, fear lighting up their eyes instantly.

“Hey put that thing down! You could hurt someone with that.” James gets to his feet, dropping his smoke. He puts up his hands and slowly walks towards me, “Just put the thing down, no one needs to get hurt. Why do you even have that anyway?”

“Stop walking. I still might not shoot you, but the chance of you living grows slimmer with every step you take.”

He freezes, and gapes at me. He opens his mouth to talk, but Mary speaks up behind him. “What are you doing? Jay put the gun down. You don’t want this. Just.. just calm down, we can talk about whatever it is.”

“Shut up. Don’t tell me to calm down, that’s just going to tick me off. I am calm, and I would have assumed that it was obvious though I suppose I can’t expect someone like you to see it. Now why don’t the two of you sit down?” I motion with the gun for them to sit, and they do. “Good. Now, let’s talk then shall we? After all you think talking will help so I suppose I can amuse you.” I lower the gun to my side and walk towards them. I watch as James follows the movement of the gun with his eyes, I can see him thinking of ways to get it from me. I smile, and start talking. “Oh don’t bother. Even if you got the gun away from me you would have a knife in your heart faster than you could shoot me. Now why don’t you stop putting yourself at risk and just sit quietly? There’s a good boy.”

“Jay what’s wrong? Talk to me, maybe I can help.” Mary asks, her voice even except for a slight quiver of fear at the end.

“Talking to you never helps.” I crouch down in front of her, careful to look her in the eyes and give James an opening to grab the gun. “You have only ever played with my mind, and I couldn’t even talk to you without going crazier.” I adjust how I’m crouched to give a larger opening for James to take the gun. “Besides, what do you think needs to be talked about? You have never really talked to me, and when you did it was to deceive.”

The End

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