The ParkMature

My alarm goes off right on time, and I quickly hit it so that it doesn’t wake anyone else. I get out of bed, the image of Mary walking into the woods with her newest guy stuck in my mind. I had had to be careful after taking my brother home, to make sure that no one suspected what I was to do tonight. I slip on my shoes and tighten the laces, making sure that they are tight. I go to my dresser and grab my gun, sliding it into the holster. Looking back at my dresser after opening the window I decide to grab my knife as well. After strapping the knife on my arm I return to the window and climb out, careful to leave a gap for me to use to get back in. I run to the garage and get my bike and backpack that I had hidden there. I check inside and see that I did indeed have extra clothes and my second knife as well as my silencer and my other supplies.

I hop on my bike and ride over to the park and leave the bike at the entrance and hide my bag behind the river wall, careful to make sure it was all out of sight. I get into my bag and grab the gloves and put them on and wipe down the gun and knives as I waited. I sit patiently behind the wall, draining myself of all emotion as I think about what I’m planning on doing. I think about all of the different guys she has been with, and all of the things that she has been doing. The anger and frustration burn out all feelings inside my mind, and then burn themselves out as well. I sit patiently as I see them appear down the road, walking towards the park. I smile, and wait for them to come close enough for me to stand up. They step onto the grass, and walk over to the swing set, and sit down. I watch as they start getting high, and stand up and walk towards them, careful to avoid their smoke.

“Hey guys. Imagine seeing you here.”

The End

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