The End of the DreamMature

As I sat and thought, I thought back to the things she had said and done. Those evil things she planted in my mind, those thoughts and actions she caused. I shut my eyes tight and felt my body go tense, all of my muscles vibrating with the memory of the rage she caused me to feel. I forced my eyes open, and stared at her lifeless body as I slowly convinced my body that there was no need to be angry anymore. As I stared at her I could feel my muscles loosening, and I took a deep breath. My nose stung from the iron in the air, released from her spilt blood. I held it in for a moment and then released it from my lungs, letting go of the last bits of frustration and anger. I looked down at her body again, and grab the knife up one more time. I bent over her corpse and kissed her cold lips, imagining what it would have been like to kiss them when she was alive. As I drew back away from her face I stared into her empty eyes, those icy blue windows. I put the tip of the knife at her collar, and slide it down her side, stopping next to the hole through her heart. I press my free hand to her heart, imagining the beating that I felt before I plunged the knife into her chest. I take my hands away and cross my arms, contemplating whether or not to continue.

I think about how she had cheated me, and the bad memories flood into my mind, blocking out the few happy and good ones. A tear falls from my eye, sliding down my face and falling to her chest as I leaned over her. I place the knife over or stomach and start to write, pressing the blade into her skin. No blood wells up because her heart has stopped, creating an odd sensation and interesting effect as I carved the words “I loved you”.

The End

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