Mary's DeathMature

kind of a revenge story, a little psycho too

The blood flowed as if without end from the body sprawled on the floor, dripping from the gaping hole in its chest. The pool continued to grow as I watched, standing bare foot next to it. I could feel the energy of her lifeblood flowing out of her and into the cold stone floor, the warmth sliding past the bottoms of my feet. I stared at the body, for that is what I thought of it as, a body. No longer would I give her name. No longer would I suffer because of her. The pain she caused me through her ignorance and lack of understanding, her fear. She had had no real reason to fear me; I would never have harmed her. That is, before she tried to kill me. Such a foolish girl, she didn’t think about her future. She didn’t let me help her, instead she decided to stumble along pretending to search for happiness. Rejecting everything that would bring her peace, she searched after illusions of warmth and happiness, illusory sensations of ecstasy. She didn’t believe that I had cared, and so she tried to kill me. A shame she didn’t realize what that would do to me if she succeeded.

I had been so cold, and needed someone to hold me and show me warmth, to be cared about. I tried to get her to see that, but she had refused to open her eyes and see what I showed her. I pushed her away to learn how she really truly felt, to learn what she would do for me. I wanted to know if she cared enough to pull me back; I did it in the hopes that it would scare her into choosing me once she lost me. I tested her in so many ways because of who she was to me, but she never passed. Because of her I was pushed closer and closer to the edge of the abyss of eternal pain, all because she refused to talk to me and be open and honest. Because of her I was going insane, starving and causing pain to balance out the pain she gave me that I couldn’t control. Because of her blindness, she caused me to snap and lash out, destroying any chance of finding peace of mind.

The End

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