The Children Meet Bert

The man that Mary  Poppins had just called Bert jumped off the truck and ran over to her. He grabbed her right hand, and began to pump it up and down like he expected to get water out of it.

"Mary, Mary, my word, but ye haven't changed a bit, not that I would expect such a one as you to age at all,  at all,  at all!"

He was so excited that he repeated the last bit three times, just for emphasis.

Instead of pulling her hand away, or telling him off, Mary Poppins behaved in a very unexpected manner. She blushed! Not just a little pink "slightly pleased blush," but a full on whole face "thrilled to see you Bert," crimson flush.

Lily and Ben were watching this exchange with as much attention as they usually reserved only for their video games. Which is to say, that they were completely immersed in the scene playing out before them.

When Bert finally let go of  Mary Poppins' hand, he looked toward the two children, who were staring intently at him.

"Well now, You have grown Michael Banks, why you don't look a bit like yourself." He said to Ben.

Then he glanced over at Lily.  "You can't be Jane, because she is older than Michael. She must be quite grown up now. You must be Barbara, one of the twins, because you are younger than your brother."

 "Uhh..  errr ... I'm not...."  Lily tried to clear up the confusion about her identity, but she could barely speak.  She wasn't usually shy, but this guy was even weirder than Mary Poppins! She really didn't know what to say, or how to say it.

Mary strolled over to the children, and Bert followed her.

"I am looking after a new family of Children now, Bert."  By way of explanation. "This is Ben Chandler, and his sister, Lily Chandler."

Bert politely pumped the hands of each in turn.

Just then, the driver  of the garbage truck gave a long angry blast on the horn to hurry Bert along.

Bert quickly rummaged around in the pockets of his work pants, and produced a little pad of paper and a chewed up pencil. He scribbled something on the top page and handed it to Mary Poppins.

"This is my address, Mary. I'm off all day tomorrow. Bring the children around after breakfast, and we shall have ourselves a jolly adventure!"

Without waiting for a reply, Bert ran after the truck,which had started to edge forward. He nimbly jumped onto the back of it, and waved the driver on.

"Who was THAT?? "  Ben all but gasped out the question.

"Bert is an old friend," She answered. Her suddenly stiff manner prevented them from asking any more questions. They knew she wasn't going to answer them.

The End

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