Welcome to the Big, New World

The three walked out the door of Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane, scarves and coats wrapped tightly to help keep out the chilly October air. Although it was certainly a very pleasant and beautiful day for the middle of October in London, that didn't change the fact that the wind was a bit nippy.

"Now then, children, where is the park?" Mary Poppins asked crisply.

Ben and Lily stared at her with blank expressions.

"Come on, now, speak up! Don't just stand there like a couple of stone statues!"

Ben just shrugged and sat down on the curb, and Lily sighed and answered, "There isn't any park around here... The closest one is a couple miles away."

Mary Poppins stood silently, hiding her shock from the children. "But where do the children go to play and fly their kites? How can there be no park?"

Lily shrugged, and tugged on her small, pink purse anxiously. "Mom says there was one once, across the street, but they built more houses on it."

Mary looked across the street, and it was just as the little girl had said. Neat-looking houses stood in row after row, all identical copies of each other.

Mary humph-ed in a lady-like manner and retorted, "Well, then we'll just have to take a walk around the houses."

Ben and Lily had just started to protest when a garbage truck quickly drove by, nearly running poor Mary Poppins over.

Both of the children gasped and ran over to her, but she brushed them off and marched after the truck to the corner, where it had stopped on a red light. Her brisk, irritated stroll brought her quickly to the man hanging off the back, ready to unload the bins into the truck.

"Now just who do you think you are, nearly running over those children! You should be ashamed of yourself! Such high speeds!" Mary's pale face was flushed with anger.

Then the man turned around. At first his face was the picture of shock, but then he began smiling eagerly. "Meery Popp'ns?! Is that you?!"

Now it was Mary's turn to be confused. "Bert? What are you doing here?"

The End

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